04 Jun, 2015

Search Marketing Seminar 4 June 2015

Event Details

The Hospital Club, Covent Garden

Our team of search marketing experts will discuss the relationship between search, social media and content and explain how to ensure you’re measuring and maximising across all channels and devices.




Introduction – Jon Fortgang, Editor, Figaro Digital magazine


Content is King in SEO - Reality or Cliché?

Martin and Anthony will explore the role that content has to play in SEO. Using real-world examples they’ll demonstrate how brands can create and leverage content for SEO purposes in a scalable and practical manner, as well as exploring the part that content plays in the overall SEO activity mix.


The SEO Way to Change your Website

With businesses changing their website on average every 12 months, being SEO-conscious is more important than ever. Too few businesses consider the impact these changes have on their organic performance. If you’re moving from Magento to Shopify, changing website hosting or even changing your domain following a rebrand, SEO should be your first thought, not your last.


Networking break


Guerrilla User Testing for Search

Analytics platforms give us an insight into how customers engage with content, but in order to understand why content is working we need to go deeper with our users. We know that user signals are becoming more intrinsic to Google’s algorithms, but how do we influence users to do what we want on our website? Stephen will discuss what we should be looking at and how we should be measuring it without the big budgets required for lab testing.


How Mobile Search is Changing the World

There have been few changes in the world as great as the impact of mobile devices on behaviour, content consumption and the way businesses operate and communicate with their audiences online. Michael will look at how brands are tackling the mobile challenge and explain how to leverage the lessons.


Networking and drinks

Please note that places for each seminar are limited. If you have any questions regarding the event please call 0207 870 3380.