02 Jul, 2020

Retail & Ecommerce: Digital Marketing Spotlight Webinar 2 July 2020

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UK (your house)


Through modern-day retail the possibilities are endless; as are the headaches! The space is constantly transforming, with new technologies becoming available for retailers to attract new and existing customers. Which makes it increasingly competitive, difficult to navigate, and almost impossible to get cut through.

Our Retail and eCommerce webinar brings together a mix of leading retailers, agencies, and tech providers to discuss how they are embracing digital transformation, as well as the challenges encountered, strategies adopted, and lessons learned. They will share ideas on how brands can build authenticity, trust, innovation, growth, and engagement that will allow you to move from talk to action.

The Q&A and panel discussion will give you the chance to submit questions to the speakers so you can get some answers to your digital marketing challenges, and share ideas and experience.

This is a morning webinar, starting at 10:00.

If you have any questions regarding the event please email  Paul Nichols.

For speaking and sponsorship opportunities, please email sponsorship@figarodigital.co.uk.


Why Thoughtfulness is the Key to Building Trust with Your Customers

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause upheaval in our day-to-day lives, but one thing it has taught us is that thoughtfulness, empathy, and compassion towards customers is vital to the long-term success of brands. Marisa explains why.


How to Future Proof Your eCommerce Business

Find out how Cox & Cox have driven online sales through technology and a content strategy. You can expect to hear their key learnings and even the challenges the brand has faced to remain at the forefront of innovation.


Could Your eCommerce Strategy Benefit from Some Post COVID-19 Therapy?

There’s more people shopping online than ever before, which is great for eCommerce businesses. But have you taken a step back to think more about what has changed? What is most important to driving the conversion now? And how you might keep these customers when we arrive at the "new normal"? As a takeaway, this talk will give you a toolkit of what to consider for your eCommerce strategy therapy.


eCommerce, Moving Image, and Your Brand's Performance

Jon will be discussing how the right video at the right time can help eCommerce brands combat the challenges of ad blockers, and how the wrong video will do nothing at all.


Q&A and Panel Discussion