10 Mar, 2022

Retail & Ecommerce: Digital Marketing Spotlight 10 March 2022

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Selfridges Cinema


Through modern-day retail the possibilities are endless; as are the headaches! The space is constantly transforming, with new technologies becoming available for retailers to attract new and existing customers. Which makes it increasingly competitive, difficult to navigate, and almost impossible to get cut through.

To get a handle on the fads and the no-brainers, benchmark tactics with peers facing the same challenges, and identify actionable tactics to rocket conversion, join us at the America Square Conference Centre for this retailer focussed roundtable event.

Our expert speakers will each share practical insight on a specific challenge facing the retail industry, before the group split off into a rotation of deep-dive roundtable discussions. Roundtables will be facilitated by our speakers, but the emphasis is on making this an interactive discussion that allows for valuable experience sharing and benchmarking.

These events are free to attend for brand marketers but spaces are limited. You will be notified on confirmation of your place. Upon confirmation delegates are bound by our terms and conditions which can be viewed in full here.

Book your place by registering here, or email Eleanor Pyne to confirm your place and for group bookings.



Registration, Coffee, Pastries, and Networking


How to Evolve Your Digital Experience

Consumers who were forced to shop online now have the option to shop in store again. How do you keep evolving your digital experience to attract and retain customers in this competitive environment? Look Fabulous Forever’s investment in personalising their customers' journeys and creating a delightful online experience has driven growth and customer satisfaction. Janis Thomas shares what they’ve learned.


The Personalisation and Privacy Paradox

Paradoxically consumers are expecting greater personalisation in their interactions with brands while at the same time demanding greater protection of their data. In this talk, Matt Simpson will examine how brands can navigate this conflict.


How to Prevent Shoppers from Switching Brands

Customer loyalty is fleeting. With more shoppers buying online as a result of the pandemic, consumers are more willing to abandon old favourites at the touch of a button. This means eCommerce businesses need to work harder to keep their customers from jumping ship to a competitor. In his talk, Toby will unveil key findings from a brand-new consumer report on what makes shoppers switch brands, and will showcase best-in-class brand examples of how to keep them loyal.


Retail Personalisation and the Case of the Missing $70 Billion

Retailers are currently sitting on a golden opportunity estimated by Boston Consulting Group to be worth $70 billion (£52 billion) per year. Join RevLifter’s Caroline Oswald as she explains how a single concept can help eCommerce retailers claim their share of this prize while solving current challenges around low stock, customer acquisition, and cart abandonment.


Why Google Isn’t as Smart as You Think It Is

Google is home to a universe of data. As such, Smart Bidding is very smart indeed. But there’s one thing that Google doesn’t know: your business. Additional factors that you know affect the performance of your business such as weather, payday and other external factors can have a huge impact on whether you make millions or fall on your face at a lost opportunity to capitalise on an increase in demand. Feeding Google additional information about what’s important to you and your business will give it that extra layer of data needed to capitalise on what’s important to your business.


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Interactive Roundtables


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