24 Sep, 2020

Retail and Ecommerce: Digital Marketing Spotlight Webinar 24 September 2020

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Join our Retail and eCommerce Spotlight webinar to get yourself up to speed with the latest topics and challenges facing the industry. Our expert presenters will cover a range of subjects relevant to the retail and eCommerce sector, including influencer marketing, generating targeted traffic, converting traffic into purchasers, remarketing to returning customers, shopping basket abandonment, data security, customer loyalty, and more.

The Q&A will give you the chance to get your questions answered, and share ideas and experience.

If you have any questions regarding the event please email  Paul Nichols.

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Introduction and Welcome


Fuelling Growth from Happy Customers

As we steady ourselves for the coming recession, we're all going to have to make our existing assets work harder. One of the most valuable assets you have is your customer base and it's crucial that marketing teams are realising the value of their customers and driving growth. In this session Andy will be looking at what customer-led growth is and how to make the most of it. He'll discuss the theory, the consumer psychology, how to apply the thinking and then share some examples of brands that are using it to great effect.


How MADE.COM Has Adapted Its Influencer Marketing for the "New" World

Lauren Spearman, Head of Brand Advocacy at MADE.COM, will discuss the brand’s response to COVID-19, how it adapted to do things differently, the impact of a new way of thinking, and what this could mean for the future of influencer marketing.


How to Build a Personalised, Social Proof-packed Customer Journey to Keep Gen Z Sweet

When marketing to this digitally savvy cohort, it’s important to deliver authentic-feeling, ultra-relevant content on the channels they trust. In this session, Tom will cover the social proof tactics Gen Z expects when making a purchase, and how you can use these to build trust in web and email marketing. Prepare to be inspired by a medley of best-in-class digital marketing campaigns from leading brands that are using personalisation to smash their marketing goals.


Could Your eCommerce Strategy Benefit from Some Post COVID-19 Therapy?

There’s more people shopping online than ever before, which is great for eCommerce businesses. But have you taken a step back to think more about what has changed? What is most important to driving the conversion now? And how you might keep these customers when we arrive at the "new normal"? As a takeaway, this talk will give you a toolkit of what to consider for your eCommerce strategy therapy.


Q&A and Panel Discussion