26 Mar, 2015

Multichannel Marketing Seminar 26 March 2015

Event Details

The Hospital Club, Covent Garden

More channels mean more choice, more content and more opportunities for brands to engage with consumers. In this session our team of experts will explain how to capture and keep users’ attention across channels and devices and look forward to the next generation of brand experiences.




Introduction by Jon Fortgang, Editor, Figaro Digital Magazine


Getting Consumers’ Attention – and Keeping It

Consumer expectations of brand experiences continue to evolve as preferences shift towards digital channels. But more than ever, consumers are overwhelmed by content and offers on every channel. As a result, the window of opportunity for marketers to know, reach, convert, and engage consumers has shrunk. A recent study found that consumers’ attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to just eight seconds today. Alex will provide practical advice and guidance on how brands can transform their marketing practices to keep pace with consumers’ expectations.


Why You Should Let Your Customers Determine Your Multichannel Strategy
Andrew Machin

Creative Director

Edit Ltd

The current technological landscape with its ever-increasing customer touchpoints has led to the idea that multichannel marketing can be overwhelming. Andrew will explain how understanding and engaging with your customers throughout their purchasing journey can create the framework for a multichannel strategy that provides delightful customer experiences and persuades conversion.


Networking break


Crafting the Next Great Brand Experiences

Guinness, Yellow Pages, Bisto, PG Tips: all iconic TV adverts and brand moments. But in the future, great brand moments will be very different. Multichannel is at the centre of that change. Great brand moments won’t be broadcast. They’ll be crafted across a variety of connected channels and devices, covering the whole customer journey before, during and after purchase. This session isn’t about TV or media but about the changes taking place across marketing and technology which will empower marketers to craft the iconic brand moments of the future.


How the Merging of Customer Acquisition and Retention is Impacting the Whole Multichannel Mix

Stream:20 are increasingly seeing the integration of customer acquisition and retention teams in terms of planning and delivery. Whichever team you’re part of, this mergence could have a significant impact on your multichannel marketing strategy and, if planned correctly, could help your business to reap substantial rewards.


Networking and drinks

Please note: Places for each seminar are limited. If you have any questions regarding the event please call 0207 870 3380.