21 Feb, 2019

Email Marketing & CRM Seminar 21 February 2019

Event Details

The Hospital Club

Want to learn the latest, most-effective email marketing techniques for your next campaign? Well, you could spend hours trawling evergreen guides, blog posts and even checking out news stories. But for the most time-effective method, sit back and relax while watching our expert speakers tackle everything from design to strategy, automation and personalisation; helping you think outside the box, achieve cut-through and drive significant ROI.

The Figaro Digital Email Marketing & CRM Seminar is open to brand marketers only.

These events are free to attend for brand marketers but spaces are limited. You will be notified on confirmation of your place. Upon confirmation delegates are bound by our terms and conditions which can be viewed in full here.

The agenda will be updated as further speakers are added.

If you have any questions regarding the event please call 0207 870 3380 or email Paul Nichols.

For speaking and sponsorship opportunities, please email sponsorship@figarodigital.co.uk.


Registration And Networking


CRM Marketing Today: Why Does This All Seem So Hard?

10 years ago, the future seemed bright for marketers. With new capabilities in technology and digital, it seemed like marketing would get easier, not harder. Diran explores why the progress we've made has fallen short of consumer expectations and what we can do about it. With more data comes more responsibility, so what should you focus on? Diran will discuss using AI to drive true personalisation, handling entitled consumers and organising your data for amazing CRM experiences


Not By Choice: Preventing Indecision With CRM

We live in a world where we are faced with a plethora of choices. It’s easy to feel like decisions are actually harder to make with information overload, so how do you still find a way to cut through the noise and get through to your customers? Holly will focus on how to use the tactic of personalisation in order to reduce the choice paralysis many customers experience, by tailoring your content to fit their needs at any given moment.


Networking And Refreshment Break


How To Tell The Difference Between Actual AI And Buzzword BS

What exactly is AI and how can you tell Actual AI from buzzword BS? Jess Evans, Head of Partnerships at Phrasee, will take you on a deep dive into Phrasee’s AI brain and how it works by showing how leading brands like Superdry, Virgin Holidays, and Gumtree are using AI to transform their CRM departments from cogs to engine driving machines.


Automation: How To Gain Valuable Insights And Deliver A Great Customer Experience

With ‘over 75 per cent of email revenue being generated by triggered campaigns rather than one-size fits- all campaigns’ (DMA) and ‘67 per cent of marketers reporting success with implementing automated email’ (Econsultancy), how do you know you are getting it right? Are you making the most of all the tricks of the trade? Alex will share key insights on how automation can create a better customer experience, while helping marketers gain valuable insights from their data. Find out how to you can use this tactic to create highly personalised, segmented, and engaging journeys.


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