16 Aug, 2018

Email Marketing & CRM: Seminar 16 August 2018

Event Details

The Hospital Club, Covent Garden

Want to learn the latest, most-effective email marketing techniques for your next campaign? Well, you could spend hours trawling evergreen guides, blog posts and even checking out news stories. But for the most time-effective method, sit back and relax while watching our expert speakers tackle everything from design to strategy, automation and personalisation; helping you think outside the box, achieve cut-through and drive significant ROI.

The Figaro Digital Email Marketing & CRM Seminar is open to brand marketers only.

These events are free to attend for brand marketers but spaces are limited. You will be notified on confirmation of your place. Upon confirmation delegates are bound by our terms and conditions which can be viewed in full here.

The agenda will be updated as further speakers are added.

If you have any questions regarding the event please call 0207 870 3380 or email Paul Nichols.

For speaking and sponsorship opportunities, please email sponsorship@figarodigital.co.uk.


Registration And Networking


Digital Is Important …But How Important?

In this interactive presentation Gareth will talk through the changes of the modern consumer, their new expectations and the reasons behind it. Gareth will cover why the high street is losing some of the traditional giants and what can be done to combat it.


Reach Your True (Email) Potential
Suzy Carter-Kent

Customer Success Manager

Adestra Ltd.

Email is the top channel for ROI, yet few of us are leveraging its full potential. With so many shiny new technologies out there, how do we separate the essential from the distractions? Suzy reveals what’s really important when building an email strategy that performs. She’ll be sharing case studies, tips and advice to help you identify what’s right for your business, turn your plans into reality and deliver on your email objectives.


Networking And Refreshment Break


Personalisation: It's Both An Art And A Science

As marketers, we focus almost exclusively on the science of personalisation – gathering the data, setting up segments and triggers, figuring out the mechanics of automating emails & creating and testing the email content. however, we aren’t as well versed in the art of personalisation—the ideas and practices that guide our hands as we set up our personalisation plans. In this session Kath will inspire, guide and reveal some very interesting facts and examples.


Introduction To Machine Testing - It's The Future!

The subject line is the first step towards conversion, it is the only part of your message that your subscribers are guaranteed to see. Increase the number of people who open each email and you increase the flow of people heading down the funnel. That's why tools that generate Subject Lines using AI are all the rage. Testing - still done manually has become a huge bottleneck. In his presentation, Dela shows why you should test the Subject Line of every email that goes out the door and provides additional data and insights on what makes a subject line work, where the biggest gains in testing are to be found, and the best metrics to use for your tests. In short everything you need to transform your Test Strategy.


Networking Drinks