06 Jul, 2023

Digital Marketing Summit 6 July 2023

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London Marriott Regents Park,128 King Henry's Rd, London NW3 3ST


Join us for a jam-packed day of 1-2-1 meetings, workshops, networking, and presentations from expert speakers on AI, SEO, Video, PPC, Email, CRM, CRO, Content Marketing, Paid Social, Data, Performance Marketing, Web Build, eCommerce, and more.

The summit is a great day out for marketers looking for solutions to their digital projects and challenges. In sync with the presentations, Figaro Digital will create a bespoke meeting agenda for you based on your business requirements. For brands looking to attend, complete the registration survey to let us know what digital projects you’re working on.

Complimentary brand tickets are available to senior level marketing decision-makers.

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Welcome, chair Introduction & event orientation


The Power of Integration: Utilising multi-channel marketing platforms for success

Are you tired of constantly chasing new marketing platforms and still feeling like you're late to the party? Let's talk about why we should be prioritising long-term strategies. With the constant emergence of new marketing trends and technologies, it's easy to get caught up in the hype and lose sight of the bigger picture. We'll explore the pitfalls of focusing solely on short-term gains and how a comprehensive, long-term strategy can create sustainable success. Join us as we delve into practical tips and real-life examples to help you build a robust, future-proofed marketing plan.


The magic duo at the heart of effective content: Niches and Emotion.

This talk explores two content superpowers. It looks at how we can change customer behaviour by changing brain chemistry, and how being brave and narrowing your niche will make your content more successful


The art of psychology in eCommerce personalisation

The application of behavioural science to your marketing strategy can dramatically increase conversion rates and therefore ecommerce revenue. People make decisions emotionally (80% of the time), then rationalise logically - learn how to nudge your customer in the right direction. Choice is hard and options plentiful in every market - learn how to master the crucial conversion part of the process. It's easier than you think - you don't need a PhD in Psychology, just the tools, support, ideas, network and platform to deliver this.


Refreshment break, networking, workshops and meetings


AI Applications for Paid Media in Retail

In this masterclass, I'll share practical insights into AI's transformative impact on paid media, offering a glimpse of what the future holds and how businesses can capitalise on these advancements, leveraging my extensive experience to drive success for retail clients, I focus on integrating cutting-edge AI technologies, such as machine learning for optimising bidding strategies and AI-enhanced product title optimisation, which has helped deliver substantial improvements in campaign performance and ROI.


Metrics that Matter

As marketers, we want to move away from vanity metrics to the sanity of metrics that drive business decisions, but sometimes it can feel you get pulled back into vanity metrics. This session will give you a new lens on how to work out what to measure, how to tie this together across the customer journey and how to sell this back into the business. You'll learn a process to follow to review your measurement and reporting plans, an understanding of how to link your reporting to the customer journey, and behavioural science-led tips on how to get buy-in for your new reporting strategy.

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How to connect with the generation that’s shaping the future

Perfection rejecters, TikTok addicts, illiberal, apathetic, world-weary; the picture painted of Gen Z is often one of a disengaged, disenfranchised teen. But the eldest in the cohort are now 26 and shaping trends far beyond the trivial. Gen Z is fast becoming one of the biggest consumer groups, so, how can brands adapt to connect with and support a generation forced to find their feet amid our current global turbulence?

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Unleashing the Power of AI: Revolutionizing Marketing

Explore the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing strategies. Gain a deeper understanding of how AI is reshaping the marketing landscape and driving advancements. Delve into the diverse applications of AI and address the ethical considerations associated with AI adoption. We will start to uncover the potential of AI to enhance marketing efforts, and unlock new opportunities for businesses in the digital age.

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The next five years in SEO and PPC

We know that the word of the year is AI and it's coming to Google, possibly in a big way. If even half of what's been shown and talked about comes to pass, things will change a lot in the SERPS which could have huge impacts on many businesses. This talk will demonstrate what's going to happen in the coming 12 months in Google (and Bing) and outline the direction of travel for the next five years to help marketers plan for the years ahead


Lunch, networking, meetings, and workshops


Paid Media - Going Beyond The Click To Drive Performance Gains
Jon Quinton

Agency Director


To gain success from paid media, you have to think beyond the click and get every piece of the customer journey right. This session will run through a set of strategies and tactics that will give you incremental gains in your performance.


5 must-have principles for your email marketing strategy

During the presentation, Clara will explore a variety of topics related to email marketing, such as goal setting, leveraging existing insights, and personalisation. Additionally, she will delve into segmentation and content creation, followed by innovation and how to develop an effective test and learn strategy. So, be sure to join us to gain valuable insights into these important elements of email marketing and find ways to take your email marketing strategies to the next level.


Leave your dignity at the door.

Laura Riches and her Laylo Co-founder Laura Rosenberger were the Marketing Director and COO of Naked Wines during a period of rapid growth. So when they launched their own wine brand in late 2020, they assumed they could rely on 'tried and tested' marketing strategies. Right?!. Join Laura Riches for a lighthearted take on bringing a challenger brand to life - breaking into offices, flamenco dancers, mixtapes and the "soft flirt".


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Our speakers power through their points against the clock. 21 slides, 21 seconds per slide. Hold onto your hats.

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Are marketing personas still useful in the age of automation?

We will share our take on how to use data science, qualitative and quantative research to build personas and take content and automation across search and social to the next level.

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The Future of Cookies and Advertising

Navigating the Era of Cookieless Advertising, we tackle the evolving landscape of online tracking and its impact on digital advertising. Engaging the audience with an interactive demonstration, highlighting the challenges of traditional and invisible cookies, and discussing the delicate balance between privacy and the digital economy.

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Implementing CRO in a B2B world

With firm roots in the ecommerce world, Conversion Rate Optimisation has evolved to be a massively multi faceted and powerful device for marketers. This presentation seeks to address the particular benefits and challenges that can arise when developing a model to best suit a B2B environment. There will also be a discussion and examples of the best ways to secure internal buy in and demonstrate the value of a properly set up CRO program.

15:45- 18:00

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