18 Jun, 2015

Content Marketing Seminar 18 June 2015

Event Details

The Hospital Club, Covent Garden

Our team of experts explore content’s role across all digital channels and explain how to measure its value to your brand.




Introduction – Jon Fortgang, Editor, Figaro Digital magazine


Innovative Content Marketing

Content marketing is a game best played with friends. Too often, brands try to create content by themselves and struggle to get people to engage with it. By partnering with opinion leaders, brands can build both their brand equity and consumer engagement. Ollie will share a variety of case studies where Great British Chefs has done this for travel, food and leisure brands.


Don't Go Viral – Go Useful

Content doesn't have to go viral to be a success. Aiming to go viral might even be stifling your content marketing. Stephen will look at better measures of success and demonstrate what you really get when you go viral.


Improve your Traffic and Conversion Rates with the Right Content
Julien Wolff

Co-founder & CEO


When a company wants to expand its web presence in an existing or new/emerging market, the right content strategy is key to driving traffic, conversion and achieving success against objectives. Julien will explain what you can do to generate a successful content marketing strategy.


Networking break


Are you a Content Marketer or an SEO?

The truth is, if you are one then you are the other. These days, you can't work on an SEO project without putting content front and centre, and if you create blog posts, images or videos for a living then you are impacting SEO whether you know it or not. Philip will look at why these two disciplines are such good bedfellows, what the search engines care about and present some quick-win opportunities and best-practice tips to help your content be seen even more.


Reaching New Audiences: Awareness, Engagement, Partnerships and Advocacy

Content, tone and timing are key ingredients in reaching audiences and targets at Tate. Maria will discuss Tate’s strategy in reaching new audiences through content marketing, social media and third party partnerships. Find out how content is sourced, personalised, targeted and evaluated. Maria will also discuss major campaigns for the gallery and explain how all visitor channels are integrated to create a successful multi-platform campaign.


Networking and drinks

Please note places for each seminar are limited. If you have any questions regarding the event please call 0207 870 3380.