25 Feb, 2021

Beauty: Digital Marketing Spotlight 25 February 2021

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The beauty industry experienced a rollercoaster of emotions in 2020, and with numerous restrictions reducing the need to get dolled up, you would expect the sector to have suffered exponentially during the pandemic.

However, the stats tell a different story. After the first lockdown in March 2020, the newfound abundance of free time (and perhaps the heightened anxiety levels) saw sales for beauty skincare brands increase by 37 per cent year-on-year, and referrals by 64 per cent. The industry also saw a spike in sales in September, to coincide with the reopening of schools after the summer break.

So how, against all odds, has the beauty industry managed to boom throughout the pandemic, and how can marketers in this sector sustain and improve sales and referrals?

Our Digital Marketing Spotlight will bring together experts to discuss the latest digital marketing tips and trends in the beauty industry.

The agenda will be updated as further speakers are added.

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How To Supercharge Your Brand

In a fast-paced and ever more crowded marketplace, every edge you can get counts towards outmaneuvering your competitors. Exploring brand new research from Google, Gareth discusses how to navigate the new path to purchase, and how you can utilise simple cognitive biases in your content, ads, and across your website to make your brand more attractive to potential customers.


Activating Your Customer Base with Game Mechanics

E-J shares why activation matters in the customer journey, and how game mechanics can help you create quality interactions with your target audience.


What Is Live Video Shopping, Live Video Commerce, and Livestream Shopping?

Live video shopping is taking China by storm, and quickly taking hold in the US and Europe. So, what is live video shopping and how does it work? What trends are we seeing that make the mash up of livestream video and eCommerce relevant today? This presentation breaks these trends down, and examines the tech and operational elements of connected video commerce and how this can become a new sales channel for beauty brands and retailers alike.


How to Build a Personalised, Social-proof Packed Journey to Keep Gen-Z Sweet

Not sure where to begin with your personalisation strategy? Eddy will introduce you to a hands-on framework that will help you engage beauty shoppers across the customer lifecycle while hitting your individual KPIs and business goals. Whether you want to launch your very first personalisation campaign or expand on what you are already doing, to truly resonate with customers, you must understand their diverse preferences, attitudes, shopping occasions, and needs. In this session, Eddy will demonstrate how to use these insights to craft a seamless experience for each individual across multiple channels.


Q&A Panel Discussion