Vidatec is a mobile app and web development company, with expertise in native IOS, native Android, React Native and progressive web apps.

Over the last 10 years, we have worked with organisations across public and private sectors, delivering award-winning apps including Couch to 5k, and Change4Life Food Scanner, with one in 12 users now using a Vidatec app in the UK.

Our bespoke solutions start from early visioning to developing strategy, design, implementation, managing, optimising, through to full support. We work with clients to deliver meaningful end-user experiences, specialising in nudging behaviours designed to help improve people’s experience of life.    Our expertise delivers value at each stage of the process.

Technology for life is at the heart of everything we do, and has been the driver behind the launch of our own products, ready to buy now:

  • engage4 designed to improve culture and well-being in the workplace,
  • ShaRe designed to strengthen resilience across organisations and local communities,
  • Carezapp designed to improve person-centered care at home and in the community.

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Vidatec is part of the Insights Group, a recognised world leader in people development.


Greig Johnston


Greig was appointed CEO at Vidatec following the acquisition of Dogfish Mobile, by the Insights Group in 2017. He previously filled senior technology roles at Insights group, and was instrumental in the decision to acquire Dogfish Mobile, where he saw a technology company with the potential to be a global player.

Ross Wilson

Sales Director

Ross is a highly successful global sales, commercial, and operations leader, with strong experience across many industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Finance, Pharma, Sport, and Public Sector. In his most recent roles, Ross has partnered with leading global organisations to aid them in harnessing the power of their human capital in delivery of key strategic goals across a variety of key business themes including culture change, mergers and acquisitions, and large scale project delivery.


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