We’re a UK-based marketing technology company founded in 2001.

Along the way we’ve worked with thousands of brands such as innocent drinks, Bravissimo, PayPal, Hastings Direct, and Occam.

But we’re much more than just a technology company.

Over the years we’ve played a huge part in defining the strategies and best practices within the entire email marketing industry.

Our expertise has allowed us to create the Email Maturity Model; an industry-leading framework that helps businesses benchmark and advance their email marketing strategy.

The Email Maturity Model is at the heart of how we work with customers every day. Together we’ve helped thousands of customers take their email marketing strategy forward.

Our Maturity Model delivered through our best practice framework and account managers, is proven to take brands through a marketing maturity journey; helping them to improve customer lifetime value, enhance their customer experiences and drive deeper brand engagement.

Email is still at the core of what we do. But as consumers change, so too must marketing technology.

Today, we’re building products that help marketers solve bigger problems, and ultimately get better results. Our products now span across the digital marketing landscape—from website personalisation, to behavioural targeting, to marketing automation.

Pure360. Improving results together. Be part of the journey.


Mark Ash


Mark has over 20 years’ experience in email and digital marketing. He has held a number of senior leadership roles within the MarTech industry, and started his career at DoubleClick during the early days of digital advertising. Mark has also led the growth of a number of other digital marketing businesses. In July 2018, he joined Pure360 as their new CEO.

Katie Noonan

Senior Customer Success Manager

Katie helps leading brands harness the power of email, website personalisation, and SMS. She puts a strong emphasis on customer experience marketing, which in turn helps improve results and consumer engagement for her clients. Katie works in partnership with her clients and, acting as an extension to their marketing teams, she plans strategic meetings and quarterly reviews to ensure the success of their campaigns and overall business goals.

Jack Clay

Principle Solutions Consultant & Account Director

Jack is a Principle Solutions Consultant and Account Director who works with Pure360’s biggest brands. Jack has a track record of creating amazing ROI’s from Pure360’s AI Marketing Platform, as well as regularly garnering huge increases in email revenue for his clients. Prior to Pure360, Jack has helped businesses build solid processes for success, cultivate new ideas and establish themselves in foreign markets. When he’s not talking about email he loves to talk about the great outdoors, rugby and travelling.

Komal Helyer

Marketing Director

With over 18 years of email and digital experience, Komal brings to Pure360 a deep understanding of marketing strategy, marketers needs and how that translates into use of marketing technology. She leads the Pure360 marketing team focussing on market positioning, market growth strategies and customer lifecycle marketing.  Komal has worked with some of the worlds leading brands including HSBCS, Carphone Warehouse, Black & Decker, helping them get the best results from their email and digital marketing.

Kristian Bannister

Senior Marketing Manager

Kristian is Senior Marketing Manager at Pure360, a personalisation and email marketing platform used by 1000s of UK brands. He draws from over 10 years experience working agency and client-side and has spent the last four years working in SaaS.


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