Lingo24 are a global Language Service Provider. We bring together amazing people, with incredible technology to deliver language solutions aligned to our customer’s goals, be that sales growth, employee engagement, brand development or a little bit of everything.

Simply put we try to take the pain out of translations offering a scaleable, repeatable solution that flexes with your business. Testimony to this is that we had a sales retention rate from existing customers of over 100% in 2018.


Neil Campbell

Global Director, Sales and Marketing

Neil is passionate about building high-growth businesses which are loved by customers, are great places to work and he hopes to play a part in helping to change the world for the better. Neil believes it’s more important than ever to communicate across borders and cultures, helping break down barriers and share in global opportunities.

Jeremy Clutton

Global Director for Sales and Partners

Jeremy Clutton is the Global Director for Sales and Partners at Lingo24. He has enjoyed a long and varied career working in content related industries, from advertising with Diageo to the last 12 years in the language industry where he has worked with leading companies in creating the best solutions for their global audiences and creating a strategic vision of how technology supports and enhances the way content is translated for different markets.