Curated work with brands that are brave, curious, authentic and entrepreneurial, driving long-term commercial success and competitor advantage. With a team of strategists, tacticians and creatives, our approach is data-driven and business-led. We work to meet business goals and move your customer to a positive emotional state – quickly.

Our unique ‘7Cs Framework’  allows our team to curate the most relevant insights from search and social research — highlighting the gaps in your digital marketing strategy. We cover all aspects of business growth (including the ones you might not think of) from CUSTOMER, CONTENT, CHANNEL, COMMERCIAL, CONFIGURATION and COMPETITORS, right down to CONTEXT.

All of this boils down to three curated services designed for business development:

CONTENT: Done properly, content is still king. We’ve proven it. The SEO landscape has changed; people now write with people in mind. Our content engages, influences and ultimately converts.

CHANNEL: Attract, engage, measure. We have years of experience running paid media campaigns. Our approach is based on best-practices and utilising a never-ending list of optimisation features. When it comes to social media, it’s about listening and responding, and we can help you do the same.

CONSULTANCY: Strategy never ends. We are there to make ensure that you keep on top of contextual and competitor changes, refining and honing your marketing strategy to ensure it takes you to the top of the pile. Don’t sit still.

We’ve taken the best parts of marketing strategy and rejuvenated them for fast-moving, modern, ambitious brands who want to give their customers a frictionless experience. That’s our pledge — are you ready for change?

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Matt Stump

Digital Marketing Consultant

Matt has worked at Curated Digital for over three years, focusing on paid digital marketing channels. Matt works closely with clients to ensure performance goals are met via digital channels and to maximise the ROI of campaigns.

Danielle Smith

Social media manager

Danielle heads up the social team at Curated and takes responsibility for all social media strategies – both organic and paid. Coming from a content background, her social ad campaigns are always creative. Involved at every stage of the process, from implementing and reporting on campaigns, to new business meetings, Danielle’s teams objective is to drive results for our clients. She is the social media manager at Curated Digital.

David Angus

Strategy Director

David has worked agency-side in a number of performance marketing and strategy roles for ten years across a number of verticals. David is now Strategy Director at Curated Digital.

Simon Douglass


Simon Douglass has 12 years’ experience in digital marketing, including seven years working for Google specialising in PPC for large technology companies such as Dell, HP, Nokia, and BT, before working as Director at two digital marketing agencies: atom42 and Pancentric. Simon formed Curated Digital in July 2014 as an antidote to the traditional digital marketing agency. Curated is an agency that focuses on client goals rather than individual marketing channels.


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