Engage and immerse shoppers over live video stream, and deliver product experiences that boost conversion.

Confer With provides live video shopping experiences for product purchases that require higher consideration than normal. We can markedly improve online conversion similar to that of retail by integrating the live and immersive experience of retail to reassure customers of their decisions online.

Confer With are on a mission to transform digital dialogue to be infinitely closer to the connection established in the physical world. 

Confer With improves revenue by acting as a bridge between the scale of online and the intimacy of retail. There are four clear, distinct outcomes for retailers:

  • Increase Conversion.
  • Improve Average Order Value.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

The Confer With platform integrates into your eCommerce engine, creating a bridge between retail experiences and eCommerce by: 

  • Matching high value shoppers with product expertise.
  • Engaging face to face with those shoppers over livestream video.
  • Engaging shoppers in a product experience.
  • Converting shoppers by making it easy to buy inside the experience .

Get in touch to learn more about how to quickly create live stream shopping experiences for your customer base.


Serge Milbank

Confer With

Serge has had a long history in performance marketing and eCommerce as an employee, founder, investor, and advisor. He founded and headed up a boutique digital consultancy called Stream:20, which worked with enterprise clients like Sky, Vodafone, Microsoft, Amazon, and others, to find a way to unlock growth – it was achieved with a combination of deep marketing and financial performance analysis, applying radical and innovative approaches to strategy, and coaching the best teams, suppliers, and technology available in the market to push performance to the limit.


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