Candyspace are experts in designing, building, and optimising digital products. We create websites, mobile apps, and commerce solutions for ambitious organisations investing in growth and digital transformation. We are trusted to deliver by some of the world’s best-known brands, including ITV, Rolls-Royce, Mazda, Mars, and Colgate.

Our vision is to create digital products loved by everyone: the businesses we work with, their customers, and our own team of passionate experts. We do that by finding the sweet spot between business need and customer demand, fusing insight, creativity, and technology to build products that create value.

Candyspace has a proven process to bring quality digital products to market at speed, combining our industry-leading design and UX capabilities with a deep expertise in technology. Through this, we’re able to increase adoption, conversion, and retention on those products; generate repeatable revenues streams; and improve customer engagement and advocacy. We reduce risk, cost, and complexity, while helping our clients embrace a test-and-learn culture.

Once launched, we test, learn, and optimise our digital products through data insights, with a continued relentless focus on delivering value to the business and relevance to its customers.


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