Ezoic gives creators and website owners innovative tools to sustainably grow revenue and traffic. Renowned for its best-in-class ad monetization, Ezoic enables publishers to maximize ad revenue through advanced data-driven technology.

Ezoic offers industry-first AI-powered video solutions that allow for the creation, hosting, and distribution of video content across the web. With Humix, creators can reach more than 1 billion viewers a month on the largest open-web video platform to grow their brand and diversify traffic sources.

Ezoic partners with thousands of websites globally, consistently setting industry benchmarks in website innovation. By leveraging innovative AI-powered tools, Ezoic continues to drive value and success for digital publishers worldwide.



John Cole

Chief Customer Officer

With over 20 years of experience in digital media, John is on a mission to help content producers navigate their way through these challenging times.  As the Chief Customer Officer and a board member at Ezoic, John plays a pivotal role in shaping strategies that enhance user experience, drive revenue and enhance SEO for online...