University of Warwick

The University of Warwick turned to Ve Interactive for a campaign that would drive attendance at their open days. Ve Interactive discuss the work


Established in 1965, the University of Warwick is ranked within the top 10 universities in the UK. The university has a population of over 22,900 undergraduate, postgraduate and international students, 5075 staff and a turnover of 440 million pounds.

The Solution

Ve Interactive was recommended to the University of Warwick by a leading marketing and advertising agency for the education sector, 360 Education, who support the university with student attraction strategies. The University of Warwick’s postgraduate recruitment team was attracted to Ve’s engagement platform and conversion applications. They wanted to drive attendance at their open days, and took the opportunity to merge Ve’s innovative technology with traditional recruitment campaigns.

Integrating Ve’s award-winning app, VeChat, onto their postgraduate open day sign-up form helped to maximise the conversion of visitors.


The University of Warwick found Ve’s support and account management very helpful throughout the set-up process, enabling them to implement the VeConnect code onto the website and access the platform, without the need for any internal technical assistance. Working with Ve’s account management team, the University of Warwick decided to introduce urgency messaging into the VeChat campaign, which encouraged students to complete their open day registration as places were filling up fast.

Results from the campaign demonstrated that students who signed up after interacting with VeChat’s targeted messaging had a higher conversion to attendance, at 50 per cent.

Next Steps

Following the success of the initial open day campaign, the postgraduate recruitment team are considering the integration of VeChat into future campaigns.

“We wanted to try something new at the University of Warwick to help attract more postgraduate students to our open days, and Ve Interactive’s innovative technology complemented our traditional marketing campaign strategies. Ve’s account management and support team were very helpful, and I managed to implement VeChat onto our website without the need for any internal resources or IT support.”
– Dr Rebecca Fisher, Project Officer (PG Recruitment)