Price Right Home

Agency: Red Hot Penny

Delivering Online Growth To Price Right Home

The Challenge

Family-owned retailer Price Right Home were looking to grow their business online with Red Hot Penny’s help. A combination of our PPC and Biddable Media, Organic Search, Copywriting and Creative Content services has helped the retailer to achieve fantastic results.

The Strategy

Growing the online presence and revenue of Price Right Home required a strategic plan which utilised the efforts of our PPC and Biddable Media, Organic Search, Copywriting and Creative Content services. These complement one another by driving both paid and organic traffic to site to ultimately boost conversions.

First thing on the agenda for our PPC and Biddable Media team was introducing Price Right Home to Amazon advertising. Setting up an account with the platform and ensuring it was well-managed meant that Price Right Home’s advertising was able to reach a large but targeted audience.

Taking over the retailer’s AdWords account, we were able to apply best practices and ensure a more efficient management of the platform. The same was applied to their Shopping account and as a result, we increased revenue year-on-year.

The Organic Search team also got in on the act, putting a plan in place to increase organic traffic and revenue. Conducting a technical site audit and a mobile audit, we were able to consider actions that would help the Price Right Home website perform better. Working with Red Hot Penny copywriters, fully optimised fresh content was uploaded to the site to improve search rankings.

Our Creative Content team were also tasked with creating helpful content for the Price Right Home target audience. An infographic on toddler beds was produced to drive more traffic to this category and position the retailer as industry leaders.

The Results

With our team at the helm of the retailer’s Adwords account, they saw the number of pay-per-click transactions grow by 185 per cent year on year. There was also an increase in revenue by 225 per cent YoY.

Their Shopping account also became more efficient with the conversion rate being 85 per cent higher YoY. They saw an increase in revenue from the channel – by 365 per cent YoY.

The amount of revenue from organic search channels grew too, with an increase of 61.5 per cent YoY.