EF Medispa

Agency: Absolute Digital Media

The Challenge

EF Medispa are an award-winning medical spa, providing intelligent skincare, face and body treatments across various locations in the UK.

They partnered with Absolute Digital Media to improve overall search visibility to compete on a local and national level on the digital landscape, and to improve overall brand exposure.

The Strategy

In order to to improve overall search visibility, Absolute Digital Media conducted a full site audit to determine weaknesses and areas of improvement on the site. This resulted in a key focal point of strategic, targeted outreach integrating high quality content marketing to earn links from industry-relevant, authoritative sites.

In addition to this, Absolute undertook a full on-site optimisation to improve relevancy for chosen keywords, and help provide a clearer user journey for visitors. Finally, there was an emphasis on redesigning target treatment pages taking into consideration user experience (UX), information architecture (IA), and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to improve overall visitor journey.

The Results

The partnership was a success, with EF Medispa ranking in top positions for treatment-based keywords. They ranked in:

  • Position one ‘Drip and Chill’ and ‘Lipotripsy’
  • Position two ‘Jaw Fillers’, ‘Chin Injectables’, and ‘Fat Transfer To Buttocks’
  • Position three ‘Femilift’
  • Page one ‘Vaser Lipo’ and ‘Carboxy Therapy’.

In addition to these rankings, they also increased the following:

  • 70.71 per cent in overall keyword positions
  • 113.73 per cent in number of page one positions
  • 140.91 per cent in top three positions.

Treatment Pages Redesign

In order to improve the overall layout, UX and CRO on the site, we spent time redesigning and restructuring the main treatment pages. This helped to make relevant information easier to find for visitors, further impacting conversion rate.


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