Agency: Edit Agency Ltd.

Specialist bathroom retailer bathstore approached Edit with the objectives of establishing them as an authority in the space and targeting users with highly relevant content to aid their purchase journey. Edit tell us a bit about the work.

The Challenge

When bathstore first came on board, we had two objectives.

The first was to establish bathstore as the authority in its sector—not just to consumers, but to Google too. If we were to build upon their current organic visibility, we needed to show Google that it was the best business in the sector.

Secondly, we wanted to directly influence consumers in their path to purchase by targeting them with highly relevant content that would enable them to move on to the next stage of their purchasing journey with the necessary information.

The Strategy

In order to hit our objectives, we settled on a single strategy. This was to create targeted and useful content in the form of multiple buyer’s guides across the core product areas of the site.

These guides would act as areas of the site that contain all of the information needed in order to influence a purchase decision and answer the many questions that consumers have, creating such articles as ‘I need a new bath for my bathroom… where do I start?‘ and ‘Shower bath or separate shower?‘.

This would hit our first objective in a number of ways. Firstly, we would establish bathstore as being the absolute authority in the bathroom sector because we have produced masses of informative, useful content that consumers want and need to see.

Secondly, because this kind of content is in demand but not being served by competitors, the guides will likely rank for long-tail terms within Google, making them an acquisition source of their own.

Lastly, having this content will give bathstore’s ecommerce offering differentiation in a very competitive, price-focused marketplace, both in terms of Google and the consumer.

The Results

The campaign was pushed live on the bathstore website on 5 December 2014. The Buyer’s Guide was placed in its own dedicated area of the site.

As a result of increased user engagement with these pages, Google started to see bathstore as an authority within the sector, and the site is currently experiencing a massive increase in organic traffic.

The buyer’s guides have also influenced a significant number of paths to purchase, with a substantial number of users having interacted with the buyer’s guides to date. Off the back of this, significant revenue has been generated, effectively delivering complete ROI for the project in just four months of being live via a secondary objective.