Agency: Genie Goals


We started work with Amara, the luxury homeware retailer, in 2012.  As a young but ambitious company, Amara’s objective was clear: growth, growth, growth. Defining this as a KPI for Genie Goals meant driving as much revenue as possible at a target cost of sale.


We created a bespoke technology-led approach to bidding on paid search for Amara. We combined this with working alongside its team as it went international; hiring native speakers as required who would not only be able to translate ads, but also have the context of understanding how those words would be understood in the regions they were advertising in. 


Every year between 2012 and 2017, Amara’s paid search revenue grew at a rate of at least 60 per cent, while in some territories growth was up 762 per cent YoY. Cost of sale has also reduced dramatically, while profit has continued to soar. Vitally, our relationship continues to grow and flourish.

“Amara’s paid search success has been a cornerstone of some wonderful years of growth for the whole business. Genie Goals committed to support our growth ambitions and made significant investments in its own team and technologies to deliver this. Our partnership has been a roaring success and exciting to be a part of. The performance speaks for itself!” Amara