October 9, 2015

Toucan Box

Tomorrow TTH worked with arts and crafts brand Toucan Box to increase their volume of subscribers whilst reducing cost-per-acquisition by 38 per cent. Tomorrow TTH discuss the project

The Challenge

Tomorrow TTH were appointed to manage paid social activity for Toucan Box, one of the UK’s leading children’s arts and crafts brands. The objective was to get a parent to request a free trial of the arts and crafts box for their child, then hopefully converting them into a regular subscriber.

The challenge that Tomorrow TTH was set was to significantly increase volume whilst at the same time reducing cost-per-acquisition.

The Strategy

We reviewed previous activity and advised the client that new Facebook creative would improve click-through and conversion rates. We also created new audience segments and introduced new bidding methods.

Tomorrow TTH started working on the campaign at the beginning of May 2015 and within the first month had generated a 27 per cent saving on acquisition costs, while increasing volume by 57 per cent.

In June 2015 we expanded into other highly targeted digital DR channels to increase overall volume.

The Results

For the period May – June 2015:

  • 10,000 acquisitions
  • 38 per cent lower acquisition costs
  • 133 per cent increase in monthly acquisition volume