January 18, 2019

Titan Travel

An Email Marketing Makeover For Titan Travel

Titan Travel is an award-winning, worldwide escorted tours organiser. It turned to Dept to help with the challenge of migrating to Adobe Campaign, to automate its email marketing delivery, introduce smarter ways of working, and enable its team to be comfortable in using the platform.

With the help of Dept, Titan Travel has brought its email marketing to the next level.

The Challenge

Harnessing The Power Of Adobe Campaign

Dept was tasked with configuring Adobe Campaign for Titan Travel, including the migration of all of its existing campaigns. Dept was also requested to design smarter ways of using marketing automation as part of the campaign process, by replacing existing manual processes and pain-points with automated processes.

From cost-saving to an improved customer experience, marketing automation saves Titan Travel time and money. Customers’ ease-of-use for managing bookings is higher, as they don’t have to wait for hard copy versions to arrive by post, there’s be no manual form filling, and no return postage delays.

Although similar in style, existing emails varied across systems. To improve this, a set of consistent, responsive templates would be beneficial. Developing new templates with common code would end the differences and ensure consistency across all client emails.

A key measurement of success for this project was that Titan Travel’s internal team had to be enabled to start using Adobe Campaign on day-to-day basis. Knowledge training for everything created by Dept enabled  continued use and self-proficiency by Titan Travel’s employees.

The Strategy

Set Up For Success

To solve Titan Travel’s problems, we categorised them into four main areas of their Adobe Campaign setup.

The first area was System Configuration and Data Feeds. We made sure that the Adobe Campaign system had the correct set up for Titan Travel. This included default send addresses, delivery templates, customer filters and file structures. We worked with Titan Travel’s data teams to ensure the correct data comes into Adobe Campaign. This allows the sending of emails without manual processes.

The second area was Campaign and Workflow Setup. To enable automatic email sends, we developed a range of campaigns and workflows. These use customer’s data to send personalised, relevant emails at the correct times. For example, sending departure reminders and trip anniversary emails based on booking history. We made complex queries to make sure we were contacting only the relevant customers each time, for example only reminding customers with missing passport information.

The third area was Email Template Setup. A key part of the migration was to update all emails to a more consistent look and feel. With direction from Titan Travel designers, we created templates for all campaigns. This delivers a clear and responsive design that works across all email clients and browsers. Common elements ensure easy updates to emails, and bullet-proof content management forms make sure emails are not broken by ill-formatted content.

The Results

Up & Running On Adobe Campaign

Titan Travel is now up and running using Adobe Campaign. It’s now much easier for employees to manage their customer journeys and email content, especially due to the focus on knowledge transfer and enablement during the project. The number of manual steps has been reduced through automation, allowing more time to be spent on content and strategy.

Alongside increased automation, Titan Travel is benefiting from improved brand recognition and consistent customer experience, due to the re-designed, on-brand email templates.

Dept has supported Titan Travel in developing a new process to design and deliver campaigns, which enables the team to be more effective in delivering campaigns to its customers.