July 24, 2015

T.M. Lewin

Through a mix of database segmentation and multichannel competition activity, Silverpop’s Engage software allowed retailer T.M. Lewin to grow engagement across Twitter, Facebook and email while re-affirming it’s brand proposition with its target audience


Founded in London in 1898, T.M. Lewin offers clothes ranging from suits and shirts through to casual wear and outdoor, with a focus towards the business consumer. It operates from 100 stores in the United Kingdom and has a large online operation that serves customers as far afield as the United States and Australia. This combination of stores and international audiences required implementing a digital marketing strategy that could make use of a range of customer and prospect data within a highly segmented database.

T.M. Lewin also recognised the need for social media and community marketing and wanted to continue to build its social presence. Its website already featured a popular community section where visitors could get style and sizing advice, read blogs and watch videos, including the ever-popular ‘How to Iron a Shirt’ guide. T.M Lewin needed to take advantage of multichannel marketing to blend its online, offline and international presences, with the end goal of driving engagement across these channels and increasing its database.


By using Silverpop Engage, a powerful marketing automation software tool, T.M. Lewin was able to centralise all of its customer and contact data. This enabled it to segment the data easily through the power of Engage’s data query functionality allowing for more highly targeted and relevant messaging. A mixture of content styles, including quizzes, prize draws and rich creative was then pulled together in order to create interesting and exciting content for recipients to interact with.


T.M Lewin’s efforts to unify its online communications began with an email prize draw giving recipients the chance to win a weekend in New York. The email directed users to a landing page created through Engage where recipients entered the competiton while opting in to receive future email communications. In addition, Share- to-Social links in its emails allowed subscribers to share the competition across social networks and platforms.

T.M. Lewin then followed this with a quiz designed to utilise assets to drive their brand position and proposition of high quality business and casual wear. The competition involved a five-question, multiple-choice quiz sent to their database through “teaser” emails, which introduced the quiz concept and let contacts know how to find the competition answers. It sent three emails across a two-week period, each promoting the quiz as well as T.M. Lewin assets such as the new catalogue, which contatined one of the question answers.

To help drive further brand engagement, creative that reinforced the quality and heritage of the T.M.Lewin brand was used throughout both campaigns. For example, the winner of the quiz won £1898 to spend in a store, reflecting the year the brand was established. The 3rd place prize again followed this theme, with winners receiving a gift card for £156—the number of stiches in each T.M. Lewin buttonhole.


The New York prize draw grew T.M. Lewin’s contact database through a combination of shareworthy content and social-sharing links. The promotion was shared by more than 4500 subscribers, highlighting an audience engaged with the brand and driving interaction and awareness through social buzz.

The quiz campaign saw more than 20,000 responses, a considerable growth in the email database as well as causing an increase in sales across T.M. Lewin’s brick and mortar stores. In addition, @TMLewin saw a 4 per cent increase in Twitter activity, a 45 per cent increase in Facebook ‘likes’ and a rise in the Facebook engagement from 3 per cent to an massive 37 per cent.