July 21, 2015

Labelnet Ltd

Labelnet Ltd, a leading label manufacturer, wanted to capture a greater number of leads from both organic and paid search. Freelance SEO Essex discuss the work


Freelance SEO Essex were tasked with putting together a comprehensive, multichannel integrated search campaign designed to capture a greater number of leads from both organic and paid search. As part of their campaign package, Freelance SEO Essex were also tasked with the redesign and restructure of Labelnet Ltd’s current website with the aim of providing a better user experience.


Freelance SEO Essex developed a keyword strategy for the Labelnet Ltd campaign and produced a benchmark report of targeted keywords search positions.

We then optimised the relevant pages within their site and agreed a content marketing strategy with the team at Labelnet Ltd. We also targeted some high quality, online business directories to help boost the site’s visibility, traffic and leads.

Labelnet Ltd felt that they were spending an unnecessary amount of money on their AdWords account and seeing very little ROI, after changes made to their account led to a dramatic drop in new business enquiries.

For this reason, we focused on improving their AdWords campaign to increase its performance and improve its ROI. This included adding conversion tracking, reducing click spend and significantly improving the negative keyword list for broad match keywords. We also chose to target clicks from businesses, rather than personal users looking for at-home label printing solutions.


As a result of the new campaign put in place, Labelnet Ltd has seen great results in all aspects of their business.

Organic traffic has increased by 41 per cent, the number of new users to the site has increased by 48 per cent month-on-month, and the bounce rate for their site has dropped by 32 per cent.

As a result of the changes and improvements made to their AdWords account, their ad spend has reduced by 30 per cent, partly thanks to a reduction in click spend wastage as a result of an improved negative keyword list.

The new structure of the Labelnet Ltd website has significantly improved its user engagement and navigation. Freelance SEO Essex created a modern and functional website that focuses on product- and industry-specific pages, leading to higher rankings for relevant long tail keywords. Labelnet Ltd are now enjoying an increase in traffic and, more importantly, a higher conversion rate.