July 24, 2015

HiPP Baby Club

The Challenge

HiPP are the UK market leaders in organic weaning food and formula milks. In a highly restrictive marketing environment, the challenge is always to raise brand awareness amongst pregnant women and newborn mums at a time when everything is new and daunting.

Which is why Baby Clubs are hugely important in this sector – they provide welcome information, online resource, advice and free samples to an audience that is hungry for information.

At Spinnaker, our job was to develop a creative positioning, look and feel to make the HiPP Baby Club stand out from the crowd – and then drive recruitment of pregnant women and mums of newborns from 0-6 months.

Starting With The Consumer

In 2009 we undertook extensive qualitative and quantitative research to understand mums’ attitudes to our current Baby Club offering – mums told us that whilst the current offering was rich with rewards and samples, it had little emotional warmth. In order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, HiPP needed to create an emotional territory that they could own.

Enter ‘Learning To Love Good Food’

HiPP are passionate about delicious, organic food, bursting with flavour and goodness. With a strong heritage in producing organic baby food for the last 50 years, and a passion and commitment to growing the very best and tastiest ingredients – HiPP are best placed to provide food and nutrition advice across all stages of pregnancy, birth, weaning and toddler.

We injected foodiness and passion into all communications and developed a raft of food related content (e.g. recipes, tips, weaning charts and food facts) for each stage of pregnancy, newborn, weaning and toddler – adding value to the club and reinforcing the message that we want little people to grow up learning to love good food as much as we do.

The Results

A new and improved website has launched combining HiPP’s brand site with their Baby Club site.  Recruitment ads ran across press and display, with targeted content such as our ‘what’s in season widget’ seeded via social networks.

Activity also included partnership activity with Emma’s Diary – a ‘My Pregnancy’ diary, including week by week facts, on food, recipes and nutritional advice together with space for pregnancy-related diary appointments – each page encouraging mums-to-be to sign up for more info on the Baby Club website.

After the first year of launch, recruitment of pregnant women to the club increased by 50 per cent.