March 23, 2018

GM Coachwork

Despite a strong standing in the industry offline, GM Coachwork‘s online presence struggled to match their competitors.

The Challenge

As a result, the brand were missing out on a key market demographic which they wanted to capture in order to better compete against their competitors on the digital landscape. They partnered with Absolute Digital media to improve this.

The overall aim for GM Coachwork’s SEO campaign was to increase their overall search visibility and rank at the top of page one for highly competitive keywords including ‘Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles’ and ‘Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles’.

The Strategy

Absolute Digital Media started with an in-depth site analysis to determine key areas of improvement. We then decided upon an integrated content marketing and link building strategy to earn GM Coachwork links from authoritative, industry-relevant publications through our expansive network of media contacts.

This was followed by a full site optimisation, including meta data and content creation to provide valuable information for site visitors.

The Results

The partnership was a huge success and resulted in GM Coachwork reaching:

  • Position one for ‘Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles’
  • Position one for ‘Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles’.

In addition to this, they saw a:

  • 51.27 per cent increase in total number of keywords
  • 39.14 per cent increase in conversions.