July 27, 2015



Econsultancy are experts in their field and are more than capable of running their own search engine marketing campaigns in-house but were looking for an agency that would be able to work closely with the team and provide an outsourced solution to ensure that the campaigns were managed professionally on a daily basis.

Econsultancy also required ad-hoc assistance with other search related activities, most notably online pr / link building work which can be very demanding in terms of resource. A flexible / scalable / cost-effective solution was required to provide additional expertise as and when required.

Browser Media works closely with Econsultancy to provide a range of search engine marketing services. Operating as an extension of the in-house team, Browser Media offers Econsultancy an outsourced resource to call upon as and when the need arises.

Recent work includes helping to raise the profile of Econsultancy in the US to support the launch of the US office in New York.


Browser Media manages provides Econsultancy with a comprehensive outsourced paid search management service.

A large number of campaigns were created to drive targeted traffic to the site. Extensive keyword research was undertaken to identify the cheaper long tail search terms that deliver the best value and the PPC accounts were moulded around the website’s information architecture.

In addition to managing all paid search activity for Econsultancy, Browser Media helps provide additional resource for organic search / online pr / link building campaigns – using Browser Media as part of a virtual team provides Econsultancy with a cost-effective, scalable solution.


The paid search activity provides a high level of targeted traffic to the site from a modest media budget and ensures that Econsultancy is highly visible to search engine users looking for relevant content.

  • Over 5,000 keywords across multiple campaigns managed on a daily basis
  • Over 15,000 visitors to the site per month
  • 558% ROI from online PR activities

“Browser Media has a genuine understanding of what is important in search engine marketing and are one of my first ports of call when I require words of wisdom or practical know-how about PPC or SEO. As well as helping us with our own search engine marketing, they have helped with advice for various high-profile, search-related reports we’ve written.” Linus, Gregoriadis, Research Director, Econsultancy.