April 11, 2017


Spinnaker worked with Luxury Fairtrade chocolate brand Divine, to build brand awareness and increase sales.

The Challenge

Divine is the only Fairtrade chocolate manufacturer which is 44 per cent owned by cocoa farmers, and is built on the values of equality, community and fair representation.

Started in 1998, the brand has a rich heritage and a strong message which resonates with many of its established customers, but it’s the unique, high-quality taste of the product that is the motivator to purchase.

The Strategy

The campaign to boost engagement and drive sales centred on the creation of a Divine tasting set, complete with notes on the different flavours and information about the brand’s story and mission. Spinnaker developed a wide range of creative assets, planning a full, multichannel digital campaign for the new product launch.

The aim was to build awareness through the online content, amplified through paid display and social media.

As well as the visual assets for the tasting event and promotions, Spinnaker also created bespoke video content for Divine’s social channels, including recipes, product descriptions and event teasers.


The campaign exceeded all targets for reach, engagement and leads. The content circulated across social channels say 15,000 total engagements, and Divine saw an uplift of 31 per cent on lead conversions.