July 23, 2015

Direct Line for Business

The challenge

When Direct Line called us on their big red phone asking if we could design and build them a site in six weeks, we knew there was only one answer. Agile. Their online quote and sales system was underachieving, a serious amount of de-cluttering was required and the site needed to match users’ expectations.

Our approach

We put together a team of designers, UX guys and developers who worked collaboratively in the depths of our basement for the full six weeks Agile-style. This way, we were able to adapt and respond to the project’s evolving demands at every stage which allowed the project to progress at a much quicker rate.

Increasing click-to-quote conversions was a priority. So we removed the majority of the old site’s fifteen ‘Quote Now’ buttons, simplified content (whilst retaining key messages and product information) and created a user-journey so simple your eccentric Uncle Harold – the one with the monocle – could get a quote. We then tested the designs in our UX labs until we were satisfied they worked. They did.

The results

From start to finish the project was delivered in six weeks.

This site has only very recently gone live so it’s too early to provide full results. That said we can report that the click-to-quote conversion has increased by an impressive 11 per cent from 32 per cent to 43 per cent.