July 22, 2015

Devitt Insurance

Motor insurers Devitt were looking to improve their online perception through a UX redesign. Pixelgroup helped the company strengthen its relationship with their current audience, engage new users and positioned them as a leader in the insurance field


A series of research activities, including benchmarking activities, analysis of data from the call centre and stakeholder workshops enabled us to figure out precise areas of the site which needed some tweaking. Linking up the pages to create a true end-to-end experience was just the first step. Our approach was to listen to customers, work with Devitt on their brand values and core objectives behind the redesign and then align these to gain a true understanding of what was needed.

By recreating the typical ecommerce user journey through clear navigation, users can now easily find additional information about specific products within a category, listing or product page. Mapping out the user journey to introduce the terms and policies through discovery on the site allows users to comprehend the different elements before they make their final purchase, demystifying the buying process and making their overall time on the site more comfortable and beneficial, decreasing bounce rate.

Real people, real prices
By using content from real people and third party reviews, we created an emotional engagement between the customer and site. Adding examples of people who had recently insured with Devitt, showing their car model and make alongside the real time quote they received makes it even simpler for new customers to gain an understanding of ballparks.

Thinking ahead

Our tech team set all this up on the latest version of WordPress and created templates for the Devitt team to use for blogging and fresh content updates too. Sharing passion and expertise demonstrates a love for the subject as well as providing added value to their customers through insight.

Making it mobile
One of the main times a person contacts their insurance provider is after an accident on the road or while on the move, but without a mobile site this was near on impossible. So we also designed a responsive mobile version for those requiring information more quickly, using expandable tabs on every page to ease the transition between claims, renewals and retrieval of quotes.


When compared with the same two month period from the previous year, there was:

• 80 per cent increase in users
• 84 per cent increase in page views
• 73 per cent increase in sessions
• 12 per cent increase in session duration