July 24, 2015

Burger King


Burger King were looking to make their first foray into mobile marketing. As their long-term digital partner, Pancentric Digital were tasked with developing a mobile strategy that would help increase footfall in Burger King restaurants.


The iPhone app means Burger King can reach consumers on the go for the first time. Pushing offers to specific geo-locations, serving up relevant and timely content that gave their marketing team the edge over their competitors as it was delivered at a moment of need.


We used geo-location to guide UK followers of the King to their nearest restaurant and served up exclusive mobile vouchers and content. Customers on the move can browse through the entire product rage from the palm of their hand then inform their meal choices with the ‘My Meal’ feature, complete will nutritional and allergen data. All content is sharable via social networks.


Results generated from the launch of our iPhone app for Burger King were instantaneous.
66,000+ downloads in the first 24 hours. 4th position in the App store download chart – 2nd in the lifestyle category. There’s no doubt Burger King’s first foray into mobile marketing was met with an appetite.

Uptake and usage provides a clear indication of the popularity of this app with 20 per cent of the people who downloaded the app actively using it every month. This has led to store traffic increases, voucher redemption at an all time high and positive feedback all over the web.

Burger King