July 27, 2015

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

The Client

Breakthrough Breast Cancer is one the of UK’s best known breast cancer charities. With HRH The Prince of Wales as its patron, Breakthrough Breast Cancer is committed to fighting breast cancer through research, campaigning and education.

The Brief

Browser Media was approached by Breakthrough Breast Cancer in autumn 2008 to review how paid search could be used to increase awareness of the charity’s breast cancer awareness month initiatives and drive traffic to the website.

Specific objectives were set for different initiatives that the charity was running (e.g. the Pink Your Party part packs).

Resource at Breakthrough Breast Cancer was limited and the charity required a fully outsourced service so that they could focus on managing all aspects of a very busy marketing schedule.

The Strategy

Having helped Breakthrough Breast Cancer secure a Google grant (Google’s in-kind donation programme that awards free Adwords advertising to selected charitable organisations), Browser Media set up a range of PPC campaigns that were designed to promote the charity.

Creating a number of different campaigns ensured that Breakthrough Breast Cancer was highly visible for anyone looking for information related to breast cancer, be it to support breast cancer charities or to find out more about the disease.

Throughout the course of the breast cancer awareness month, Browser Media optimised the PPC campaigns to ensure that the available budget was used to best effect and that the campaigns delivered the objectives.

The Results

Throughout the month of October 2008, the PPC campaigns delivered targeted traffic to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer websites, with the following highlights:

• Over 20,000 visitors
• 60% under target cost per acquisition (CPA) for Pink Your Party Packs
• 186% over target number of conversions for Pink Your Party Packs
• Top 3 ad positions for most keywords

The paid search campaigns proved to be a very important source of traffic in a competitive landscape and the use of the Google grant now ensures a very cost effective method of driving traffic to Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s websites.