April 5, 2017

Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue is the lingerie swimwear and nightwear brand started by Theo Paphitis in 2011. As well as online, and on mobile, Boux Avenue has 28 stores nationwide, plus 12 international stores across five countries.

The Challenge 

In early 2016, Tomorrow TTH was given the task of managing paid search, social and programmatic display advertising. Through its Adgnosis methodology, it analysed previous campaign performance which allowed it to create a new media plan.

Boux Avenue’s brand search terms converted well at excellent costs per action, but the generic terms less so, with more expensive CPAs. While the display retargeting strategy was working to a CPC model, it was hampered by an uninspiring creative and unsatisfactory account management. It was clear that this would have to be seamlessly aligned with the rest of the marketing campaigns.

 The Strategy

The Adgnosis insights led to several new understandings of where Boux Avenue could boost its offering across paid search, display retargeting and paid social. Opportunities to scale generics cost effectively are limited, so one option, of reinvesting the generic budget in other channels could help to drive brand searches and conversions. Retargeting could be optimised by running it through the Adgnosis trading desk. And Boux Avenue would need to commence with direct acquisition focussed campaigns for both retention and acquisition, using custom audience data for both strategies.

The Results

In spite of reduced investment in “generics”, Boux Avenue maintained the revenue levels from this ad group. The impact of paid search and the improvements in retargeting campaigns have seen brand search volume increase by 33 per cent per month. The saving made from the generic PPC campaign were recycled into display prospecting, which delivered mew customers at a CPA 54 per cent lower than through generic paid search. The newly optimised retargeting increased revenue by 140 per cent, with a 40 per cent lower CPA. Boux Avenue and Tomorrow TTH were able to generate over 20,000 new customers in just nine months, and paid social has fast become one of the brand’s top acquisition channels.

“We were intrigued enough by Tomorrow TTH’s approach to give them a shot at helping us to unlock new customer acquisition channels for Boux Avenue. Through the implementation of the Tomorrow TTH Adgnosis methodology, we have changed how we think about marketing budget allocation, preferring a far more fluid approach in this area.”- James Fernie, eCommerce Director, Boux Avenue