January 3, 2019

Banking Circle

Why fintech brand Banking Circle decided to bank on Browser Media to deliver its full-service digital marketing strategy.

Banking Circle is a global scale financial utility, underpinning the service propositions of a wide spectrum of financial institutions, allowing them to focus resources on the customer relationship. Find out how the Banking Circle’s partnership with Browser Media resulted in a 118 per cent increase in organic traffic, a 43 per cent increase in conversions, and 4050 White paper downloads.

The Challenge

Banking Circle launched as Saxo Payments back in the summer of 2015. Browser Media has been responsible for developing Banking Circle’s digital marketing strategy since pre-launch, with the goal of building visibility for the brand through all channels as quickly as possible. This included setting up social media channels from scratch and building an engaged audience through LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

With the proposition being unique and new to the market, one of the main challenges was identifying keywords that would drive highly targeted visitors to the site, while also being able to deliver on volume. An in-depth understanding of the business was therefore crucial from day one.

As part of the transition to rebrand as Banking Circle, Browser Media was tasked with managing the migration of the website and all supporting digital collateral with minimal disruption.

The Strategy

To achieve the rapid growth that Banking Circle needed, Browser Media delivered an all-encompassing digital strategy. This included a technical audit and improvements in on-page optimisation techniques to: ensure the website was fully optimised pre-launch, increase natural search visibility, and minimise disruption during the rebrand and domain name change.

Additionally, they conducted research, planning, and amplification of content. They produced in-depth research into topics relevant to key players in the fintech niche, created engaging and informative content that would deliver high-quality traffic, including an infographic, a payment and banking terminology jargon buster, and blog posts, and finally they amplified this content through social media, display advertising, and email marketing.

“Working with an agile and innovative company like Banking Circle has been extremely satisfying. As I was lucky enough to work with them before the brand officially launched, I’ve been with them from the very start of their journey and feel incredibly proud to see their business grow so quickly, and branch out into new areas.

I’m a massive geek, so being able to learn about up and coming tech has been a massive plus for me, too!” Victoria Spall, Senior Account Manager, Browser Media

The Results

In three short years, the brand has evolved from a cross border payment solution into a global financial utility capable of delivering banking services to businesses across the globe.

Comparing 2018 with 2017, the year on year growth has been incredible with:

  • Organic traffic up 118 per cent
  • Overall traffic up 81 per cent
  • Conversions up 43 per cent
  • a 668 per cent increase in traffic to the payment and banking terminology jargon buster resource.

As of December 2018 there has been more than 4050 white paper downloads and 360 infographic downloads.

“Browser Media is an asset to any business looking for SEO and Online PR support. They are experts in their field, proactive and work very hard to help you achieve your business objectives.” Miranda McLean, SVP, Global Head of Marketing, Banking Circle

For further information regarding the case study, see here.