August 19, 2016

Audience Science

The Challenge 

Inspiring Interns were briefed to source a quality candidate for a new role within top tech company Audience Science. With an innovative advertising management system central to everything they do, they were looking for an analytical minded graduate to work across their key clients.

They needed a thorough, intelligent candidate to fit straight into their team, with a strong focus on ensuring that all important cultural fit into what is a small, tight-knit company culture

The Strategy

Inspiring Interns utilised multiple avenues, across retargeting, advertising and targeted searching, with the aim of producing a strong shortlist of relevant, engaged candidates within days.

With the importance of finding a cultural fit so central, along with the relevant soft skills to succeed, they needed to gain a deep understanding of the client’s needs and requirements. From here, Inspiring Interns used their extensive candidate profiling to ensure that the match went both ways, to benefit client satisfaction and retention.

As the UK’s leading graduate recruitment agency, Inspiring Interns began by retargeting their significant existing pool of candidates. With over 1,000 applications a day, those profiled are the top 1% of applicants, and so this existing pool is full of top quality talent. This system also allowed Inspiring Interns to send out an initial shortlist within 48 hours.

The second part of the process came from advertising the role using their internal job board, targeting specific candidates with the right analytical, organisational mind-set and requisite skills. This second part of the shortlisting process allowed them to provide candidates who were actively engaged in the role, helping to ensure they fitted straight into the company culture.

The shortlists now complete, Audience Science took some time looking over the profiles and video CVs, an innovative approach to the recruitment process that Inspiring Interns have pioneered since 2009. With a list of video CVs, Audience Science were able to better understand the nature of the candidates they wanted to interview. It also provides the opportunity to assess their communication skills and allows them to understand the context to their paper CV.

The Results

Having interviewed multiple candidates, Audience Science decided on Barani Sittampalam, who had marketing experience and fluent German to add to her considerable range of skills.

It sounds strange, but at entry-level, finding the right expertise is one of the easiest parts of the recruitment process. Inspiring Interns understand the importance of finding the right fit for the environment and type of work and ensure that at all parts of the process there is a cohesion between employer and candidate.

It’s exactly this kind of approach that ensures high retention rates. In fact, after her 3 month internship, Barani was hired to a full time role at Audience Science. On the next role Inspiring Interns had for them, they were tasked by the HR manager to “find another Barani”. High praise indeed.