June 19, 2017

How To Measure Video ROI

In order to effectively monitor the success of online video marketing activity, you need to measure video marketing ROI. There are a number of different ways that you can do this, so if you want to know how to ensure value for money then look no further; we’re here to share the best methods.

Track The Number Of Views

The number of views is the most obvious way to measure the success of online video. If the view count is high, then you’ll know it has been distributed well and that there is value to your video.

It’s worth analysing the total views, as well as paid views and organic views. This way you can determine how many views the video has had as a whole, how many you’ve achieved organically, through referrals and social sharing, and the number of views that have been generated from PPC campaigns.

Look At Audience Retention

It’s all very well having a high view count, but if viewers are clicking onto your page and then clicking off after just a few seconds then people aren’t really interested in watching your video. It’s important to understand how people are watching so that you can learn about the true quality of your video.

Use YouTube analytics to identify drop off points and hot spots. These engagement metrics will show you where viewers are dropping off and which parts of the video they engage with better. You can also use this tool to find out complete plays and the length of views. This data will reveal the number of people watching the whole video and the average view length.

Measure Engagement

Another way to measure video ROI is to take a look at the level of interaction with your video. Monitor social media platforms closely and pay attention to the number of times your video has been liked and shared on Facebook or retweeted and ‘favourited’ on Twitter.

However, it’s important to delve a bit deeper; go one step further by taking time to read comments. This way, you’ll find out exactly how people are responding to your video. If you notice an increase in subscribers or followers after releasing your video, then you’ll know that visitors are engaged in your content.

How to measure video ROI?

Make Changes

Nothing’s perfect, therefore you’ll need to make changes to your video once you’ve reviewed your video ROI. However, don’t feel disheartened; this is all part and parcel of the campaign process. The beauty of measuring video ROI is that you’ll learn a lot from your video and how to improve it.

Remember to clearly mark any changes you make in the data. This will help to explain any sudden increases and decrease that may occur in the middle of a campaign.

So, now we’ve shared our top tips for best practice, you should be able to measure video ROI successfully. If you’d like to extend your knowledge further in the wonderful world of digital, why not attend one of our events? Take a look at our calendar here and request a ticket while there’s still availability.