February 19, 2018

What Is A Marketing Consultant And Do You Need One?

Marketing manager, marketing assistant, marketing executive… there are a lot of titles within the industry, so how does a consultant role stand out and how could one help your organisation?

What Is A Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant is a self-employed freelancer or agency expert in their field. A position achieved after many years’ experience in the marketing industry, a consultant will have worked on large projects for major nation and worldwide brands, and have a wealth of knowledge about a specific area.

This expertise can be called upon for guidance in reviewing or creating marketing strategies for the promotion of brand products or services.

Why Use A Marketing Consultant?

A Fresh Perspective

When you work for a business day-in-day-out you can become blind to the world around you and the opportunities available. A consultant will be able to bring an external point of view, meaning they may be able to spot flaws you did not, introduce better methods, or simply offer you a second opinion.

Scalable Services

If your business has seasonal activity, it could be hard to justify paying additional staff all year-round. The beauty of using a marketing consultancy service is that it can be scaled up or down to meet your needs and budget.

Affordable Advanced Knowledge

With their years of experience, a consultant will likely be able to provide knowledge beyond that of your teams – especially that of small in-house ones. A consultant could therefore provide an affordable alternative to recruiting and hiring a senior level marketer.

A Motivational Push

It may not be the sole reason to employ a consultant, but this can be a nice added bonus… with fresh energy and expertise on-hand, hiring a consultant can add vigour to your office and give your team encouragement and motivation to develop their skills.

Mentorship For Junior Staff

Not only will this knowledge solve issues and provide project insights, but an experienced staff member could act as a mentor to your more junior staff, providing training and guidance where they need it most.

Eliminate Trial And Error

A part of learning is trial and error to see what methods and tools work. However, with tight budgets and schedules, there isn’t always time for failures. A consultant can help with this.

Having been there and done that before, a consultant will be able to advise you based on their own past dealings and recommend the most effective way forward.

Want Up-To-Date Industry Knowledge For Free?

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