July 31, 2017

How To Find A Reputable Pay-Per-Click Advertising Company

There are hundreds of pay-per-click (PPC) agencies out there offering their services, so how can you decipher which will be the best to work with and which will get you the results you dream of?

Here are a few of our insider tips:

If In Doubt… Google It

Let’s face it, although appearing on search engine results pages (SERPS) doesn’t necessarily mean that an agency will be a good fit with your business, it does imply that they know what they’re doing. Type in a few company or agency related terms and see what appears. This could make a great starting point in your quest to find your new PPC management company.

Ask Other Businesses For Recommendations

Know a business who is smashing it on SERPs and you see their ads everywhere? Well, if you strive for PPC success like them, why not ask who does their AdWords management? As long as they’re not a direct competitor they’ll probably be more than happy to make a recommendation.

Alternatively, why not head to LinkedIn or Twitter and ask for recommendations? This is a sure fire way of getting multiple answers in one go.

Search For Accredited Organisations

The best pay-per-click advertising companies will be industry recognised and have multiple credentials, such as Bing Ads Accredited Professional status and being a Google Partner. There are even a select top 30 agencies in the country which have been granted Google Premier Partner status.


To find out which pay-per-click companies made the cut, head to Google’s online database and connect with a Google Partner or check out Bing’s company directory. Alternatively, keep an eye out for accreditation badges on agency websites.

Choose A Figaro Digital Partner

Browse our company directory to find a list of our event and blog contributors, all of which are some of the biggest names in the marketing industry and are sure to be able to help with your marketing strategy and ongoing management.

Simply filter the sectors to ‘pay-per-click’ for a list of agencies that specialise in this area of online advertising.

Look For Award Nominees

If a PPC management company is doing particularly well for their clients, then it is likely that they will have been nominated for, and maybe even won, an industry wide award.

From The Drum Marketing Awards to the UK Search Awards, there are dozens of schemes that recognise and celebrate the crème de la crème of the marketing and advertising world and their websites will feature a full list of current nominees and past winners.

Of Course, You Could Always Keep It In-House

If you’re unsure using an agency is the right choice for your company, you could always brush up your pay-per-click skills and go it alone. Browse our calendar of PPC events for an educational day out that’s sure to bring innovative new insights to light.