July 28, 2017

The Figaro Digital Digest: 28th July 2017

Whether you’re on your lunchbreak or commuting on the train, our Figaro Digital Digest provides a perfect bite-sized round-up of all the latest news from the digital marketing world. Here’s what’s been happening this week:

Facebook Has Acquired Source3 To Tackle Video Pirates

People sharing pirated content or sharing it without permission is a big problem on Facebook. The network has recognised this and has acquired a tech start-up to tackle this as a key priority.
Source3 creates tech that recognises, organises and analyses branded intellectual property in user-generated content and recently raised $4m in venture funding.

In a statement, Source3 says:

“We’re excited to bring our IP, trademark and copyright expertise to the team at Facebook and serve their global community of two billion people, who consume content, music, videos and other IP every day.”

Amazon Launches The ‘Instagram For Products’

Amazon launched its new ‘Spark’ social feed this week in a pragmatic and creative move towards creating an ‘Instagram for products’.

Found within the Amazon app, the majority of images on this shoppable feed will be tied to products that can be purchased on Amazon, in what (at a first glance) appears to be a fresh blend of Pinterest and Instagram.

Users are asked to choose topics of interest from a vast menu of options and related images will be presented in a feed-like format. If an image has a yellow bubble then one of the items that features is available to purchase.

New Tool Will Give Marketers Professional Data About Audiences

This week LinkedIn Website Demographics, a new reporting tool, was launched. This will pull professional data from LinkedIn’s 500 million members’ profiles so marketers can see what type of people are visiting their websites and target content campaigns accordingly.

LinkedIn Website Demographics will feature an ‘easy-to-read interface’ under a tab on the Campaign Manager Tool and will allow users to filter by:

• Job title
• Industry
• Job seniority
• Job function
• Company
• Company size
• Location
• Country

Google Analytics Data Now Easier To View Than Ever

On July 25th, Google made it so that viewers can see their own data when a report is created using the Data Control, without creating anything.

Designed for agencies or large organisations with access to multiple views, this means you won’t have to create a Data Studio report for every view. This will also help unify reporting and KPIs across your entire organisation.

Here’s what an overview report could look like:

And here’s the ecommerce template:

That’s it with the updates for now. Once you’ve tried out the new Analytics template and explored Spark, let us know what you think. Tweet us your thoughts at @Figaro_Digital.