August 17, 2017

Top Conference Takeaways (Part Three)

We’re back with the third instalment of our Summer Digital Marketing Conference roundup. Ranging from the key elements of a viral epidemic, to the rebrand of Brentford FC, we look back at a varied selection of sessions to remind you of the key highlights and takeaways from the day.

Disrupting The Reign Of The Washing Machine: Technology That Started A Revolution

Laundrapp, the worlds most advanced on-demand laundry and dry-clean platform, is successfully leveraging technology to disrupt a space previously untouched by any type of digital innovation. Co-founder and CEO Edward Relf, explains that if you want to be truly innovative and entrepreneurial, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable – “only dead fish go with the flow”. Deeply understanding its users is one of Laundrapp’s keys to success, and Relf gives interesting insight into how Laundrapp is trying to change consumer habits and focus on the millennial market.

Building Trust And Confidence: AI Marketing Readiness In Retail And eCommerce

Andy Phillips, Communications Director at Emarsys, shares the findings of a recent Forrester survey and what it tells us about AI readiness. He delves into the hype surrounding AI, and argues the best way for marketers to approach AI is to “bridge the gap between hype and a pit of disillusionment”, and focus on the value AI has for your business. AI has incredible scope to make your brand a competitive differentiator, by driving customer experience evolution – marketers now need to kick-start the process of preparing for AI, rather than implementing it too hastily.

The Formula Behind Viral Marketing

In this presentation, you can learn the science behind viral marketing, and how to make your messages spread in a more efficient and cost-effective way. What are the main factors that lead to a viral epidemic? Dan Yeo, Head of Media and Online Relations at Search Laboratory, explains the importance of knowing what topics will resonate with a wider audience using a variety of examples, from Tiger Sheds to Thomas Mansfield solicitors. He gives us the lowdown on how to choose and use catalyst sites, and the most successful content types for a viral campaign.

What’s Driving The Future And What Can You Do About It?

Tom Grinsted, Project Manager at Google, explains the fundamental changes that are driving the phenomenal explosion in computer power – why should marketers care, and what should they start doing about these changes? Using examples of how machine learning will massively improve our lives, such as in the development of driverless cars and fast disease diagnosis, Grinsted delivers an inspiring presentation that encourages marketers to look to the future. Working in a team-focussed way with a flexible approach, he explains, is essential in order for businesses to survive in this highly changeable environment.

The End Of Traditional Marketing: The Age Of The “Entitled Consumer”

Christopher Baldwin, Head of Marketing at Selligent, explains the importance of recognising changing consumer behaviour and trends, and how to adapt your marketing strategy to reflect this. Traditional marketing, he argues, is broken. He explains that higher un-subscription rates and less loyalty and retention can all be indicators that your marketing department is stuck in the past, and isn’t as consumer-centric as it needs to be. What are the key elements of your business’ mind-set that need to change in order to reflect increasingly savvy consumers? Watch the full presentation to find out, and to learn why aligning your consumer data with your channel execution will allow you to adopt a consumer-centric strategy and increase engagement.

Building An Iconic Brand: League 1 To Premier League Ready

When Brentford Football Club saw itself storm to recognition in the Championship, it desperately needed to update and refresh its brand and digital offering. But as a club deeply embedded in the community and well-engaged with its fans on all levels, changing the clubs emblem was a challenge – how did they do this whilst also staying true to the heritage of the club? Through fan consultation and a focus on historical references, Brentford were able to transform a tired logo and develop an app. Kurt Pittman, Director of Marketing at Brentford FC, explains how they did this, and what other ways Brentford are evolving their digital strategy to reach a premier-league standard.

How To Stop Throwing Mud At The Wall And Hoping That Some Of It Sticks

Nick Joy, Social Media Manager at LV=, gives us the lowdown on how to create truly relevant content. Through a combination of targeted distribution of informative content, and direct response marketing, you can reach your audience in a more meaningful way that will drive engagement, find audience segments that you might not know you had, and encourage conversations. Using examples of LV=’s high relevancy campaigns and publication of timely and repurposed content, Joy explains the benefits of an awareness of current affairs when publishing pieces, and how to take advantage of Facebook’s detailed targeting tool.


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