June 27, 2016

3 Videos to Watch to Transform Your Social Media Management

At Figaro Digital events, we are lucky enough to enjoy engaging and informative talks from industry experts on everything digital-related: from SEO to PPC, content to social media.
And if you weren’t able to make all of the previous events, don’t worry. Here is a sneak peek into the Figaro world and three of the best previous presentations on social media marketing.

Recipes for Success in Social Media

By Ollie Lloyd
CEO, Great British Chefs
In this video presentation, Ollie discusses ‘Social from a publisher’s perspective and talks about a slightly different way of doing social’.
Great British Chefs have more than 3,000 recipes from the finest chefs and bloggers, it adds 100 new recipes every month and even create recipes commissioned for clients to specific briefs. It then shares these recipes and creates conversations across its social media channels.







Ollie explains that all of Great British Chefs’ social media platforms offer a platform for the company to tell its story and to bring people in through very integrated ways. He says most advertising campaigns are quite one dimensional, but when Great British Chefs work with brands it integrates everything around a brand objective, including social and events.
Great British Chefs believes it’s important to ask yourself, ‘what is your brand objective?’ and ‘what are you trying to achieve?’ then go from there. Social media is not all about growing your number of likes or followers, it’s about getting consumers to engage with your brand. One way of doing this is by building a cohesive marketing campaign around a central content series.
Learn how Great British Chefs do this and how you can learn from their tried and tested techniques, with Ollie’s case study of his Urban Fruit campaign.
Watch the full video presentation here.

Social Media: From Listening to Learning

By Luke Moore
EMEA Sales Director, Crimson Hexagon
In this presentation Luke explains why it is important to know what people are saying about your brand, product or topic you are discussing, however accurate analysis of sentiment is not always successful. Therefore, in order to answer your brand aims, objectives and any questions you may have, you must go about social and tracking activity differently.
Brands make business decisions based on social insights and data is essential to this. Luke explains, if you know what people are saying and why they’re saying it this can be extremely useful. However, if you know who or what type of people are saying it, this can be even more powerful as it can confirm if you’re targeting the correct user personas or not.











Once you know this you can research their tastes and opinions, which may highlight a topic or issue that you may have common ground in that can start a conversation. Also, what these personas are talking about on social media can inform your content and overall marketing campaign, ensuring your work resonates with them and interaction and/or conversion is more likely.
What does Luke think is the future of social media? He says Tumblr is great for targeting niche markets among younger audiences, whereas image analysis, such as searching for use of logos, will soon take off.
For more top tips, watch the full video presentation here.

Putting the ‘Social’ Back Into Social Media

By Alice More O’Ferrall
Social Media Manager, WWF UK
Alice recognises the huge capabilities of social media, however in this talk she notes that brands often forget about the social side of social media and instead make posts feel like a broadcast. In her presentation, Alice encourages social interaction and provides some top tips for making your social campaigns more effective with meaningful growth, massive reach and creating impact through influence.
Alice notes the importance of engaging with social media users and providing them with beneficial content. She says it’s important to share both the good news and the bad on your social channels, plus to take advantage of Facebook’s new auto-play video tool.
A top tip she shares: The reach of a Facebook video is calculated on the first 3 seconds of video play, of that a smaller proportion is likely to have watched all or a considerable amount of the clip, and engagement is likely to be lower again. This is a prime example of funnelling.




WWF’s social research has also found most people click off a video between 15 and 20 seconds in, therefore this is the ideal place to add your call to action. Alice also points out, although audio is important for the overall experience, you should make a way of engaging with those who watch on mute also if you want to make the most of Facebook video.
For more top tips and relevant advice watch the full video presentation here.

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