August 4, 2016

3 Videos on Creating Connected Customer Journeys Across Different Platforms/Channels

With multi-channel marketing strategies now commonplace for optimising campaigns across multiple devices, it is easy for brand messaging to be disrupted and the customer’s journey to become fragmented.

These three videos from Figaro Digital’s Partners will share the expert knowledge behind successful multi-platform and channel campaigns that hold the user at their centre.

We’re Living in a Fragmented, Multi-Platform World. Now What?

By Tom Grinsted
Head of Product: Web and Apps, Guardian News and Media
Tom says it’s important to “pause and take stock” as this last year or so has been an exciting time of developments. Mobile has quickly taken over. Tom believes that the world today is vastly different from a few years ago and that digital marketing has developed at a considerable pace.

So, using case studies from The Guardian’s past, he touches upon the impact multi-platform working has had and how new opportunities have risen from this. His talk then touches upon the future of multi-platform marketing and what the next big changes might be.

In a world of numerous channels, platforms and devices, one person may visit your site multiple times a day, making one visitor appear as many. That is where, Tom states, lies a problem. If you have a business that replies on client relationships and giving your target personas exactly what they want in order to create repeat custom, how do you do this when you can’t distinguish one person from a crowd?

Firstly, he says it’s important to rethink your assumptions about your traffic funnel and analyse these customer journeys according to each individual conversion goal. A repeat customer who follows your company’s every move is much more likely to convert than a new visitor to your site or social profiles.

He then goes on to talk about the future and how he believes the end is near for the mobile dominated paradigm we are currently in. What’s next? Well, Silicon Valley companies are investing heavily in core technologies, such as conversational computing.

To learn more, watch Tom’s full video presentation here.

How to be Human – In Today’s Hyper-Connected Multi-Screen World

By Kath Hipwell
Head of Content Strategy, Red Bee
In this video presentation, Kath states that the average person now spends more time on screens than sleeping, and not just on one device. So, how do brands cut-through this screen-based world informed by algorithm, data and robots? That’s exactly what Kath will tell.

Well, Kath says robots and tools are taking over and we no longer have human, face-to-face interactions, but do it all online on our mobile instead. And despite the fact we still need to tell these robots what we want or what to do, she believes brands can improve customer experience by adding more ‘human’ elements, such as a conversational tone.

She says, there is a difference between programmatic targeting and really understanding your target audience. So, when you bring technology and audience together, it’s not simply about what the technology can do for you but what you and the customer wants to get out of it.

The secret to this? Three points: insight, interaction and stories.

Learn about these three points, and more, by watching Kath’s video presentation in full here.

Vodafone and the Connected Journey – One Channel. One Organisation

By Aneta Rutkowska
Channels Programme Manager (Retail), Vodafone
As one of the world’s largest telecoms companies, managing a cohesive marketing and brand strategy can be difficult. In this talk, Aneta runs through how Vodafone is creating one seamless, connected customer experience and how digital products are helping to enable the multi-channel experience of the future.

Vodafone has faced problems such as being able to easily distribute content across all channels – be it in-store or online. With speed, accuracy and consistency all of high-concern, how did they battle this? They started small, but aimed big.

For this, they partnered with cloud system content management provider Acquia. Hear about their partnership and how Vodafone’s problems were solved by watching Aneta’s full video presentation here.

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