Whitepaper: 10 Personalisation Tactics

by Sitecore

Start personalising web experiences now with these quick wins

Think personalisation is beyond your reach? Think again. The key is to simply get started. Sitecore have published a new whitepaper to help you along the way.

Personalisation is a tactic that most marketers can and should implement, but research shows that the number who are doing so is lower than expected. Sitecore promote ‘context marketing’, meaning that regardless of the medium of  your marketing, be it an email or social media campaign, you need to take the context of the customer’s brand interactions into account.

Through ‘context marketing’, you can help ensure that your campaign is delivering measurable, relevant experiences that improve performance, build loyalty, and drive real results across each of your customer engagement channels. It can help empower businesses to react to their customers’ experiences in real time.

To help you succeed, the Sitecore Business Optimisation Strategies team has outlined ten examples of low-hanging fruit for personalisation with the Sitecore® Experience Platform™—from giving first-time visitors a special welcome, to retargeting inbound experiences, to allowing customers to connect with social media accounts.

Read their white paper to learn:

  • The differences between ‘context marketing’ and personalisation
  • How the Sitecore Experience Platform empowers you to personalise customer experiences
  • Ten proven approaches for personalising customer experiences today

It’s not as difficult as you might think. Download their free whitepaper and get started today.