Introducing Cheetah Personalization

by Patrick Tripp Cheetah Digital

Personalisation has been a road well-travelled, and Cheetah Digital are no stranger to the topic. Patrick Tripp explains how they have taken personalisation across their solutions to the next level.

Traditional personalisation vendors emerged almost 20 years ago to provide ways of engaging consumers on websites by attempting to get the right content into the right place at the right time. While this remains laudable, marketers and vendors alike have found it difficult to deliver on the promise. According to Gartner, 80 per cent of marketers still struggle in gaining ROI from personalisation. Why? Data. Gartner notes that 27 per cent of marketers believe data is the key obstacle to personalisation, revealing their weaknesses in data collection, integration, and protection. Personalisation is all about the data: batch, streaming, structured, or unstructured, you need it in one place to aggregate, analyse, and activate.

Personalisation-as-a-strategy, personalisation-as-a-technology, and personalisation-as-a-market is ripe for reinvention. As Seth Godin noted in the opening keynote of Signals20, it’s not as much about personalisation as it’s about being “personal.” Personalisation has existed across Cheetah solutions for some time, but now we have taken it to the next level. The next generation of personalisation is about relying on deep data insights, first- and zero-party data, and using machine learning to derive not only the right content, not only the right offer, not only the right channel, but the right sequence of events that leads to an automated path to conversion. We are delighted to introduce our next-generation personalisation solution, Cheetah Personalization. Cheetah Personalization includes three capabilities — Real-Time PersonalizationJourney Designerand Intelligent Offers. These capabilities allow you to deliver personalisation at scale with the Next-Best-Experience, the Next-Best-Journey, and incorporate the Next-Best-Content.

Cheetah Real-Time Personalization

Cheetah Real-Time Personalization enables marketers to capture real-time data events on web and mobile devices and deliver the next best experiences using:

  • Real-Time Experiences. Capture real-time data events with Cheetah Web Tag on web and mobile devices for targeted experiences.
  • Real-Time Events. Ingest streaming data and feed it into the Cheetah Engagement Data Platform (EDP) for continuous profile enhancements.
  • Real-Time Content. Apply targeted offers and product recommendations based on web events and emails.

Deliver targeted messages on websites and mobile with Cheetah Personalization

Deliver targeted messages on websites and mobile

Cheetah Journey Designer

Cheetah Journey Designer allows marketers the power to build, manage, and optimise customer journeys at scale. The solution provides the most comprehensive set of journey options in the market, from simple triggered journeys, to multi-step journeys, and fully custom journeys. Its core capabilities include:

  • Journey Design. The most comprehensive set of journeys in the market, from simple triggered, to multi-step journeys, to fully custom journeys.
  • Journey Library. A library of marketing-friendly standard journey templates that can be easily configured to drive effectiveness.
  • Journey Analytics. Create conversions from operational marketing metrics and dashboards, leverage machine learning to inform downstream journeys.

Onboarding journey at Cheetah Personalization

Onboarding Journey

Cheetah Intelligent Offers

Cheetah Intelligent Offers allows marketers to design and personalise content for individualised “in-moment” experiences using advanced analytics and machine learning. Intelligent Offers taps into the Cheetah EDP and ML to generate product recommendations based on analytics and customer behaviour. It provides marketers:

  • Offer Management. Design and personalise content for individuals, offers can be content, images, coupons, messages, and many other formats.
  • Offer Intelligence. Apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimise offer ranking, prioritisation, and selection.
  • Offer Optimization. Based on data and customer feedback generate the next best offer and next best action strategies on websites to drive conversions.

Machine Learning Driven Intelligent Offers with Cheetah Personalization