Financial Services: Spotlight Webinar Roundup 25 June 2020

by Eleanor Pyne Figaro Digital

How many of your customers have been proactively thinking about their finances since lockdown began? Probably not many. In our financial services webinar, which took place last Thursday, our speakers discussed how to get back to business in marketing to the financial services sector. Read on for a summary of the presentations.

Building an Effective Employee Advocacy Programme

Kassie Siwo-Gasa, Head of Digital Marketing at Legal and General Investment Management, explains why they decided to build an employee advocacy programme, as well as what the competitor landscape looked like at that time, how they started the ball rolling, what they focussed on, what challenges they faced, and their measures of success.

Unspaghetti: How Do We Save Our Company’s Web Presence Before It Gets Out of Control?

With 15 years’ experience in digital strategy, Codehouse have seen numerous ways that organisations have “spaghettified” their web presences and, in this webinar, their Digital Strategy & UX Consultant Shaun Miller gives a quick snapshot of some of the lessons they’ve learned. He covers three main points, including “sub” websites, jumbled tech platforms, and inconsistent branding.

Building and Maintaining Consumer Trust with Video

Trust is the lifeblood of the financial services industry. Without it, no one will touch a brand, and convincing people that they can trust your brand has never been more important. Jon Mowat, Managing Director at Hurricane, explains how you can use video to convince consumers to take a leap and trust that you will catch them.

Why Financial Services Content Should Never Be Boring

In financial services, and particularly B2B sectors, we often feel like we can’t be exciting. Many marketers feel stuck in having to do factual and uninspiring content, and not stick our heads out for fear of being shot at. It can feel like a real risk to be different, but the real risk is staying the same. Gareth Morgan, Managing Director at Liberty Marketing, why producing interesting content is just as important as SEO.

Our next webinar is a retail and eCommerce spotlight on Thursday (2 July 2020). Register here to join, or email Paul Nichols for more information.