Content Marketing Seminar: 10th March 2016

by Stephanie Lamerton

Content is King, but how do you ensure yours goes down in history as legendary? Our experts can help. Here we’ve summed up the main points learnt from our seminar held at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden.

Content Marketing With Partners

Ollie Lloyd, CEO, Great British Chefs

Capture1Great British Chefs has pioneered content marketing in the food publishing industry and its CEO, Ollie, gives you an insight into the team’s inner workings with this informative presentation. He uses case study examples to help show how you can make a real impact when working with publishers or food clients.

As Ollie says, “There’s a difference between […] shareable content and things that people actually want to share, and what gets ranked.” Only when you understand these variants that you can truly create successful content.

Great British Chefs builds content according to where there is potential traffic. It carries out detailed keyword research and uses longtail terms to inspire its recipes. It believes in being an authority in the industry and building partnerships with brands in order to create interesting stories for its readers.


A top tip from Ollie: include high-quality visuals in your content.

Watch Ollie’s presentation in full here.

Sex Sells… Or Does It? Brutal Content Marketing

Fraser Wood, Digital Content Manager, Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor

Some products sell themselves, but if you have one of those that requires a little help watch Fraser’s presentation. He showcases opportunities for marketing products that aren’t sexy, don’t have ambassadors and won’t easily get natural links. He teaches how content marketing can make even the toughest of products sell.

Throughout this talk, Fraser explains hurdles that you may come up against, such as government restrictions, cheaper product alternatives or publicly discussing taboo subjects on social media, and how you can work around them.

He encourages patient testing of different content styles and channel preferences, and says expect for some tests not to work. He highlights, “2 out of 3 campaigns fail”, but it is from these failures that you learn what does work.

Watch Fraser’s presentation in full here.

Digital Upcycling: How To Resurrect Dead Content

Philip Woodward, Senior Copywriter, Liberty Marketing


Your brand could be sitting on a goldmine of underperforming content and you probably don’t even realise it. Throughout his presentation Phil focuses on digital upcycling, explaining how to work with what you’ve got to revive your current content, rather than creating new copy from scratch.

Dormant content may not be bringing you high volumes of traffic and conversions at the moment, but with a little effort it could provide a cost-effective and streamlined base for getting great results. So, how do you transform old content?

Phil notes the first thing you must do is look at what currently works and what doesn’t. As he says, “your old content is really important because it can provide insights into your users and what’s important to them.” For example, if users are spending a long time on your pages, but are not clicking through to make a conversion, you may have a lack of or poorly constructed calls to action.

Other tips include, delving into more detail in your posts and adding imagery, reaching out to respected authorities and outreaching on social media, as well as making the most of any white/unused space to the side of your post.

Watch Phil’s presentation in full here.

What is the Point of Your Content Marketing?

Chris Woolford, Client Services Director, Search Laboratory

Capture2Chris is a strong believer in not making content for content’s sake. You should be writing blogs or site copy that will improve your search rankings and engage with your prospects. It could even get you mass-media attention. But how do you achieve this?

In this presentation, Chris shares a few snippets of knowledge he has learnt throughout his career in PR and digital, providing agency insights that could see your content marketing deliver tangible results.

Creating content is now a prerequisite for successful brands, and in 2016 there are three things that Chris believes will make your content stand out from that of your competitors: Spending wisely on distribution, having resources in place to optimise when publishing and zeroing in on metrics.

Watch Chris’ presentation in full here.


Ideas and Content that Work

Jon Quinton, Agency Director, Builtvisible

In his own words, Jon describes his talk as “a presentation about foraging for ideas that we are confident are going to work.” After all, anyone can produce content, but making it work is far harder.

Jon’s presentation provides a step-by-step tutorial for ensuring you are confident about your content ideas. With mentions of social favourite Reddit and top tips on day-to-day activities that can transform the way you work, he could help make your content more effective.

Advice includes, getting a buy-in from your customer or content distributer before you’ve even created the content by addressing a need or problem, switching out the traditional brainstorming sessions for a built-up library of ideas over time, and utilising YouTube playlists for exploring themes.

Watch Jon’s presentation in full here.