How Voice Search And The Rise Of Interactive Personal Assistants Will Transform Search And How Customers Discover Brands

People around the globe are welcoming the likes of Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant into their homes (and pockets) making them part of a routine that bakes natural voice search into their daily lives. Viewed by many as an interesting gimmick to amuse the kids and impress friends with, the new wave of voice activated p.a. software puts us a spoken command away from our favourite music, the latest news, today’s weather or an order from Amazon. But as businesses, what does the rise in voice search really mean? How does it affect on-site content strategy, SEO, mobile marketing and how do we adapt as marketers to improve conversion? Ian will discuss the rise and impact of voice search on the way we create successful digital strategy and provide advice on how to take full advantage of a shift in search behaviour as customers expect to get exactly what they ask for, wherever they are.

Event Digital Marketing Summit 23 February 2017

Speaker/s Ian Miller, CEO at Crafted,