Video Marketing: The Perfect Travel Companion

Travel and leisure brands are on board with the need for video in their marketing funnel. It lowers cost per acquisition, it raises brand awareness, drives conversions, and increases lifetime client value. But many marketers are making simple mistakes that waste money and, more importantly, waste opportunities.

Jon Mowat is a marketing consultant for a number of travel brands and author of the book, ‘Video Marketing Strategy’. In this talk he brings his insights on how to bring video to life in an informative, engaging presentation that gives psychological insights and actionable tips. He provides delegates with practical steps for marketing professionals in Leisure and Hospitality looking to deliver better results with video content. He covers how to engage your audience emotionally, focus on the right part of the purchase journey, use the right metrics to measure success, and gives you his magic spreadsheet for planning powerful campaigns.

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Event Travel & Leisure: Digital Marketing Spotlight 12 September 2019

Speaker/s Jon Mowat, Managing Director at Hurricane,